Exclusive Interview with Professor JoongHo Ahn- “Blockchain can change the world.”

Blockcast Special Interview with Professor JoongHo Ahn e1578561366446
Blockcast Special Interview with Professor JoongHo Ahn e1578561366446

Loading Today we are honored to have Professor JoongHo Ahn here for our interview. Welcome Professor Ahn, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your experiences.

Professor Ahn: I am a Professor of Information Systems at Seoul National University. I have BA and MPA and have received my M.Phil. & Ph.D. in New York University. Previously, I was an associate dean for Office of Research Affairs and director of the Danam Business Library at Seoul National University (SNU). We also understand that not only you are active in the academic scene, you have also served in governmental organizations too. Can you tell our readers about this too?

Professor Ahn: Well, I served as a member of the Presidential Council for National Information Strategy, advisory committee of the Nation’s Information Promotion at Office of the Prime Minister, Cooperative Committee on Information and Communications Industry of Ministry of Information and Communications and Electronic Commerce Committee of Ministry of Industry and Energy. I was also the chairman of board of directors of the Korea Racing Authority (KRA) and Korea IT Governance Association and founding president of the Korea Society of Horse Industry. You have an impressive list of achievements. You are a real scholar and social activist. Can you share with us what are your current focus?

Professor Ahn: I am still actively working on new technologies implementation, both hardware and software and businesses innovation to enhance business performance. Areas such as Business Transformation, Electronic & Mobile Business and Inter-Organizational Information Systems, Strategic Use of Information Technology in Government and Business and Information Technology, and its Impacts on Individuals, Organizations and Society are part of my focus too. On top of these, I also act as a consultant to governmental organizations and advising non profit organizations and associations. You just mentioned that one of your research focuses is to bring new technology into the businesses, what are your views on blockchain technology and the crpyto market?

Professor Ahn: Blockchain is something new to me. I know about this technology a few years ago but put too much emphasis on it. Right now, I don’t know much about blockchain but I am open to it. I think blockchain is not about cryptocurrency, it should be linked to more real businesses. It should also be combined with other technologies such as IoT and AI. Blockchain on its own cannot achieve the true meaning of digital transformation of business. Currently, I am trying to understand more and finding ways on how blockchain technology can be incorporated to the existing work that I am involved in. I also had the chance to meet with a blockchain project called Racingland ( They are supported by a committee of experts from Michael Kwan, Horse owner of Glorious Forever who won the Hong Kong Cup 2018 to Jang Mi Kyung, President of Korea Horse Industry Council, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea. I will be part of their committee and looking forward to contribute my knowledge on the horse industry with a new technology like blockchain. Is there anything you’d like to share with your viewers, like a quote?

Professor Ahn: I believe that blockchain technology has its purpose in today’s society. It will be the next internet. My quote for you today is:

“Blockchain can change the world and it can bring changes to many kind of businesses. Crypto is only part of it, not all of it. “ Thank you for your time Prof. We look forward to see you soon.