Exclusive Interview with Thor Doge “The Almighty Thoge The Strongest Son of Doge! Rewards in Litecoin”


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1) Welcome Thor Doge to the house! Please tell us more about yourself. I want to know your background, education, past careers and all.

So obviously I am the Thunder God, but in my mortal life I have a degree in Business from Birkbeck, London and I have work with previous projects like Hokkaidu Inu, Kishu Inu and etc. I did a lot of marketing for both projects and help Hokkaidu Inu get from 5M mcap to almost 890M mcap before the dreadful Vatilik fud.

2) What is Thor Doge?

Thoge is a token that rewards holders in Litecoin, is cross-chain driven and have massive NFTs coming out.

3) How do rewards work, and when will they show up?

How rewards work is similar to redistribution tokens; when holders hold a certain amount of Thoge (200k minimum), they will receive Litecoin tokens. The rewards are automatic, so they won’t have to claim them. They will show up automatically in their wallet every 60 minutes. Sometimes, it could be a delay simply due to volume, but we haven’t run into that issue yet.

But I don’t think the God of Thunder will have any issues when it comes to volume!

4) What are tokenomics like?

Our tokenomics are as such: 3% of every buy/sell transaction is distributed to all holders in Litecoin (minimum 200,000 tokens). 7% of every transaction is distributed into liquidity for Pancakeswap to maintain stability. 5% of every transaction is distributed to Marketing, and sales are restricted to less than 0.9% of the total supply (100B) + an extra 1% fee is applied to all sales to prevent whale manipulation.

5) What are the Thor Doge Metrics?

It goes this way: 20% Private Sale/Migration, 5% Team Tokens (Ambassadors, Influencers and Sponsorships), 25% Pre-sale, 40% in Liquidity, and 10% Supply Burned (to be burned).

6) Tell us about your roadmap.

Our road map consists of cross-chain bridging and expanding our eco-system to not only be accessible on Binance. We have goals to expand to the ETH network, Fantom, Caranda, and Matic network. We will build the project big enough to share the same liquidity pool. We also want to create a Dapp where we will create staking coins and APY in our governance token to earn holders passive income. Also, staking our Thoge NFTs.

7) What are your revenue streams?

Our project was originally funded by private investors but is now working solely on our marketing wallet. Everything done is from our marketing wallet accumulation and community.

8) What kind of utility do you foresee in the near future?

Some utility aspects I see is us building our dapp and allowing staking of virtually ant token on any main net able to be stacked on our dapp. We aim to be the first reward token that will bridge NFTS from Binance-ETH and vice versa.

9) Creating a token is easy, making it big may not be easy. What are some of the problems you have encountered so far? What is the fun part too?

I wouldn’t say problems, but some issues we have encountered were running into a lot of scams and people overpromising performance. We are now quite selective, and my team is very experienced when picking the best of the best to work with. The most fun part is building an organic community and team that we will take on our journal to the moon.

10) Let’s take some social media questions.

a) We do not see your contact audit anywhere. Have you done it?

You can see our audit on Dessert Finance we have our contract audited by them before we launch our token.

b) Why Litecoin?

We picked Litecoin because it’s more stable than any other coin that is being used when it comes to rewards. Some benefits are lower transaction fees, advanced hashing algorithm, decreased in block generation time and a maximum cap of coins. Also, it is used as a form of currency across the globe.

c) Is the team doxxed? We are worried about rug pulls.

Yes are actually doxxed via Dessert Finance and that can be seen on their website under Doxxed Audits. We are also doxxed with Team Safu and will be locking liquidity till 2099 which insures we will not be rugged anyone.

d) Do you really have en route to be on “Marvel Partnership for Thor Love & Thunder”?

We know some artist that’s directly tied to Marvel so a partnership isn’t impossible.

e) Why collaborate with Floki Inu?

Due to Loki, being Doge brother! Floki first was seen on ETH network and bridged over to BNB. We will also do the same as well but after the bridge on multiply mainnets because we are the big brother after all.

f) How did your presale go?

We had a few issues with Presale in the beginning due to DxSale update, but our second time around we sold out quickly.

g) It is harder to be listed on CMC nowadays. What is your plan?

It is now since CMC wants to know if the project is indeed legitimate but we are working with a team that will be fast-tracking us.

h) ETH Cross-Chain Release in phase 2. What is this actually?

This is also have shared liquidity and bridging Binance Thoge over to Ethereum.

i) How many holders do you have now?

Currently from private sale and token migration, we have around 150 holders, but we plan to have more when we officially launch after our AMA.

j) What are your plans in Asia?

We are planning to create a huge Marvel campaign in Asia and partner with a large PR company. We are also planning to list on a copy exchange soon as well 😉

11) Share an inspiring quote to our community members, please.

You will never have financial freedom if you can not assist risk. Hold because you never know you might strike Gold

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