Exclusive: Lawyer Peter Lee Understands the Importance of #Blockchain


 4,347 total views,  1 views today We have Peter Lee Nam Auk, a regional lawyer by training and an active blockchain and technology advocate based in South Korea. Hi Peter, tell us about yourself.

Peter: Hi Joann! I has been working as Korean Lawyer for 15 years in Korea, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. You have covered quite a lot of countries in your practice. What do you specialise in?

Peter: I am strong and have extensive knowledge in advising and assisting clients in International investment, Cross-border transaction, M&A and Corporate law. Which law firm do you represent?

Peter: I am currently working for Great Wall Law Firm in China and LandMark Law Firm in Korea, Inteco lawfirm in Vietnam, SDS lawfirm in Indonesia as Korean Lawyer, in charge of investment consultancy and M&A amongst Korean, Vietnam and China. What are your views for the blockchain industry?

Peter: Blockchain is an interesting technology. It has given us new perspectives and how the future is going to be like. In your own opinion, where do you want blockchain to be used?

Peter: Blockchain can be used in many situations. As a lawyer, I see that this technology is helpful, it gives us more transparency and security.

Law firms that are facing challenges and many of the regional firms are considering to adopt because of smart contracts. The smart contracts essentially sets the deal and can be automated. This fits well to law firms who are seeking for new technology solutions.

I think blockchain works well for high value items in particular. I have the chance to know people who are art collectors in South Korea who are keen to upload their art pieces onto blockchain and use this technology for verification and authenticity purposes. I agree with you totally. Any last words to inspire our readers?


The world won’t change itself. Blockchain and other technologies combined will move the world to new heights. Thank you Peter.


  1. Lawyers in general do not know about blockchain. Met so many of them.
    If we go with their flow, pace and reasoning, blockchain adoption will not come true.
    This is my personal take.
    And to understand a new technology, you have think out of the box.

  2. Decentralized blockchain allows one to make transactions from individual to individual without the involvement of the third party. This help saves a lot of money while making transactions, unlike traditional banks.

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