Finds out more about BEST DAO “SWAP, NFT, Gamefi and Defi”


1) Good evening from Asia. Can you tell us more about yourself and your role in this project?

Hello, I am very happy to chat with you about the BEST DAO.

My name is James, I’m in charge of marketing and development in the team. In the BEST team, I’m just one of the founders. There are 7 people in us. Since they don’t want to make it public, I can only participate in this AMA.

2) What is Best DAO? What is your core mission?

1. Best DAO aims to create a new metaverse market in the encrypted decentralized financial economy.
2. Best DAO is a safe place where honest and vetted visionary business leaders combine with blockchain technology! Use Best Tokens to provide daily services.
3. The main goal of Best DAO is to enable people to execute financial transactions without the involvement of intermediaries. Transactions are secured by smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain. Easily transact in seconds from anywhere in the world, saving wire fees and time.
4. The Best DAO is designed to allow our participating business community members to offer rebates and rewards in exchange for using BEST tokens as payment for products and services.
5. Build BEST X Swap (currently under construction; this exchange will provide a safe and secure venue to trade cryptocurrencies while allowing users to earn BEST by providing liquidity to the Best DAO ecosystem).

3) What is the key difference between you and the rest of the DAOs?

Best Dao is a Dao ecological metaverse, which includes projects of various ecosystems such as farms, nft swap defi, etc. We have no leadership. We adhere to the belief of the Renren platform of traditional dao organizations, but in Best, I created A new reward mechanism.
bonus system.

1. BSET will set up a marketing pool, all investors can earn daily token rewards by posting BEST videos or articles on YOU TU Twitter.
2. Get your referral number on the official website, then find other investors and let them buy BEST through your referral number so that you can receive referral reward tokens.
3. Investors can also make posters and send short videos to the project team. After being screened by the project team, they can receive token rewards.
4. The project party will also issue rewards through other activities from time to time.
This will allow players to gain more wealth through their own labour.

4) Walk us through your tokenomics, token structure and dividend mechanism.

Token Economics: 4% Marketing, 4% Return, 2% Dividend

Token structure: Our total issuance is 80 billion, 50% of the opening is destroyed, the remaining 50%, 20% of which is added to LP, 15% Mining Poo 10% reward investors who help with marketing 5% event airdrop

Dividend mechanism:
1. Ordinary dividend mechanism, as long as you invest, you can enjoy a 2% dividend
2. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many countries have experienced a wave of unemployment. As long as investors in the BEST DAO community do things in the community, they can receive additional remuneration in the fund pool. We will set two generations. Coins (USDT or BEST) for members to collect

5) What is your marketing strategy?

We build communities across Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We also welcome and hope that more overseas communities are willing to join in the construction and promotion of the project.

We welcome you to provide us with additional industry resources if you wish. At present, our resources include merchants, industry pioneers, communities, media, and public chain ecological partners. We sincerely hope that you can join us to promote the development of BES ecology in the near future

6) You have a 5 phases roadmap. Can you tell us more?

At present, these five stages are the first things we have to complete, and we will continue to update the future development, because the encryption world is a rapidly developing world, in the near future, I believe that BEST Dao will have much better ecological and application

7) What other potential partnership should we be expecting?

The partners we should look forward to are all the investors who like BEST Dao, because as a Metaverse Dao ecosystem, even if you are investors, you are also our indispensable partners. The more people join, the more cooperation. Joining of partners
After the development of our metaverse world is completed, we will have more powerful partners

8) What is your revenue model moving forward? How is the DAO going to sustain itself?

BEST Dao obtains profits through defi borrowing through transaction fees generated by swap transactions, and through NFT exchange fees.
And the profits from auctions of villages and land in the metaverse to sustain our project

9) You have many DAO applications from swap, defi lending to NFT. Can you tell us more about each application? And in what sequence are you launching them?

We start the first application with swap. After the establishment of swap, we will continue to establish defi loans. Then, we will open the NFT exchange platform on swap. The development progress of the subsequent metaverse will be announced in the next update.

10) Share an inspiring quote with all our community members. We want to learn from you.

Do any investment please use idle funds to invest, so that you can get more wealth.