finds out more about BNBKing “Aiming to become one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies of 2022”


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1. Welcome to ABC. Firstly tell us about yourself: Then walk us through who are your core members and what they do?

Hello everyone, I’m Q, the publicity department of BNBKing. We have an efficient community DAO team. Nice to meet you

2. What is BNB King all about?

BNBKing is a MEME token that has a powerful mechanism for a 12% tax on the full $BNB dividend

3. Can you tell us about your tokenomics and what is your unique selling point?

BNBKing total 1000 trillion, 654 trillion have been destroyed, remaining 346 trillion is fairly held, and we’ve lost contractual control and locked up the pool。

Our biggest feature is the automatic $BNB dividend that comes with holding tokens, and the 12% tax on each transaction goes entirely to the $BNB dividend

4. What marketing plans do you have to maintain the King status?

We will continue to promote BNBKing in tweets and telegrams, and we plan to work with Binance to promote Binance’s BSC public chain, to guide users to BSC to use $BNB as the main transaction, and to push $BNB prices up

5. Your goal is to reach 1 million consensus holders. How are you planning to build a community this big?

We will continue our marketing campaign with Binance to get more and more people to join us in promoting BNB, and people will get a BNB bonus for holding BNBKing, which will further attract users to join us

6. Where will you be planning to list next?

We plan to go public on Binance in April-May

7. What is your DAO structure like?

We have a complete DAO community autonomy structure. We have multiple efficient community member organizations such as the publicity department, economic department, management department, and so on. All our marketing expenses come from community donations, which is a great model

8. Will you be planning to expand into the South East Asia markets?

Of course, not only in Southeast Asia, our goal is to promote BNBKing to the whole world and let more people know BNBKing, BNB, Binance, AVE

9:What price chart tool is convenient for viewing BNBKing information?

Of course, is AVe. is a decentralized on-chain data platform that currently aggregates on-chain data from 11 blockchains.

Provide users with the K-line data of the token, the floor price of NFT, and the statistical data of various sectors such as DeFi, GameFi and Web3.0, etc.

And committed to developing a “safer, more accurate, and more professional” aggregated data platform.

Official website:
Customer service TG id: @machellland

10. Please inspired with a quote that kept you going and successful.

BNB is always the true king.

We also have an airdrop campaign running. Here are the details.

👑BNBKing airdrop campaign
1: Open AVE link
2: Enter our tokens 0x86E15c6474830f4419Ce5365dD106116Cf6403C8
3: Find BNBKing and take screenshots
4: Send to @machellland and give an advice for Ave platform (compliments and criticism) for random airdrops
5: We will draw 20 addresses and airdrop a total of $1000
6: We will draw 50 addresses and award a total of $500 for airdrop

Last but not least, join us at the following links:

🇨🇳CN TG:

BNBKing Tokens contracts:0x86E15c6474830f4419Ce5365dD106116Cf6403C8

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