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1. Let’s welcome Lunar Flare to our AMA today. Firstly, thank you for attending. Can you tell us more about yourself and your team? What’s everybody’s experience in crypto and background?

Our Dev team has a variety of experience in the Web3 space, from contract development to marketing, social media, and legal. Our team draws experience from both the Web3 and traditional business arenas. Together we strive to develop something special, merging tradition and innovation.

2. What is Lunar Flare all about?

Lunar Flare aims to be the purest form of hyper deflation the world has ever seen. Our protocol burns from the LP, instantly changing the price and showing on the chart. We will push adoption, remove barriers of entry, and eliminate friction from the onboarding process. Our mission is simple: become the gold standard within defi.

3. We understand you are a hyper deflationary token, can you explain this to our users, and how you accomplish this?

Every day the protocol burns 1% of the project-controlled liquidity tokens, creating LFG scarcity and increasing value. On top of that, the project queues extra LFG tokens for the burn to benefit the community. The tokens are queued through buys and transfers, which are beneficial to the burn. And for each transaction, the contract queues up an additional 8% on buys and 3% on transfers. The concept is straightforward, supply and demand.

4. What are your plans for ‘burn’? How fast are your plans to burn and reduce your supply and is there a point where you will stop in the future?

Our motto is “The Burn Unleashed” and we truly believe that. The burn will never stop, we will continue to burn 1% of the tokens in the lp daily.

5. Can you explain your function “unpairbrakeandburn”? Can you elaborate more?

Unpair, Bake, and Burn is a very noble automated feature of the protocol. It serves multiple purposes. It reduces the circulating supply by burning LFG tokens queued up through time and transactions. It also reduces the liquidity pool token supply through unpairing and burning. Finally, it reinvests the gained value by transferring it back to the liquidity pool. These events result in a closer ratio to the underlying pegged utility token and overall positive value action.

6. We have seen that there is a BurnSwap incoming for the project, can we have some greater details about it and what potential tokens it might include?

We talked about reducing the barrier of entry and this is our first step towards that goal. BurnSwap will allow users to reallocate their holdings and because we offer 109% of the value, they can do so while reducing exposure to sale taxes. Being a community-driven project, we let the community decide which tokens the BurnSwap will accept. There is currently a vote on our website.

7. Freddy Vacca is the CEO of the company please explain his history and what he brings to the team? We also understand he has a lot of business connections through both himself and his wife. Are there any plans for future cooperation with any larger partners?

Freddy Vaca has 20+ years of real-world business experience. He sits on the board of several major organizations and has a vast network he can leverage. Sometimes it’s not about what you know but who you know.

8. Researching Freddy we found he is a large force in the hispanic community, do you have plans of building up education and users in this demographic as well, and how? What is your marketing plan like in times like this?

Absolutely, but we don’t think Freddy’s appeal is limited to the hispanic community, and we expect to have major success across all demographics. As more people come to understand who Freddy is, having achieved great success from humble beginnings, we feel our message will resonate globally.

9. We also saw a large warehouse with shelves being built. Are these all tied back to Lunar Flare Group and will it be potentially for miners?

Right now we are laser-focused on BurnSwap. In the following weeks, we are very excited to discuss our roadmap. Real-world networking and connections have us very excited for what the future holds.

10. The market is in a bear state. Can you tell us what is your listing plans like? What other measures do you have to counter the bear market?

Our entire protocol is built to defy bear market conditions. The hyper-deflationary nature can be even more impactful in a down market, and the burn we see in the bear market creates huge value when the bulls run. These conditions allow us to focus on community, networking, and building.

11. Leave us with a quote that everyone can remember you and the project by?

If we want to leave a single line in the minds of the listeners, it would be:

“Securing holder value, optimizing holder value, and placing holder value first”

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