Finds Out more about TronAO from its Creator: Damien Crane “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

Blockcastcc Finds Out more about TronAO from its Creator Damien Crane The important thing is not to stop questioning Curiosity has its own reason for existing
Blockcastcc Finds Out more about TronAO from its Creator Damien Crane The important thing is not to stop questioning Curiosity has its own reason for existing

 176 total views We have all been looking forward to TRON’s development. TRON has always been strongly supported by their communities. Today we have the creator of TronAO for our interview segment. Hi Damien, can you tell us more about you.

TronAO: Hello, my name is Damien Crane I am 34, Happily Married, and have seven (yes 7) children, 6 of whom at home. I am a pretty average guy, and have worked mostly as a cleaner/labourer for my “Day Job”. I have always loved technology, from pulling apart my train set to see where the smoke comes from as a small child to my first DOS-based PC as a young teen, then moved on to the good old batch file and Qbasic programming. After a few rough teenage years, I started playing around with source code from websites which lead me to HTML and PHP and working my way to studying for a diploma in web development and now moving into solidity for smart contracts. When did you start TronAO?

TronAO: Approximately a year ago I started on my original idea with a basic free hosted website and a basic R.O.I smart contract that allowed me to learn some fundamentals of solidity. This has enabled me to start building a bigger and better website and smart contracts ( Now on Paid Hosting with SSL ) What is TronAO about and what is the aim of this brand?

TronAO: TronAO is a collection of R.O.I and game smart contracts on the Tron network. Each contract aims to be fair and payout daily. The ultimate end goal would be to create a site that rewards its users, helps spread the word of crypto and benefits.

(Shameless Plug) TronAO Includes (so far):
Every 100 bets 10% of the jackpot goes to a random member.

Simple Slot + Jackpot
Tron TRX Dice Game+ Jackpot + Lucky Number
Devil Dice + Jackpot
Guess The Number
Heads or Tails
The Investor II (ROI)

10% Referral Bonus On Bets
Stake Tokens For Tron TRX Dividends

Dice – Roll a 77 and win 10% of the Jackpot

Free Tokens:
Claim: We Love Dapp games and when we hear dividends, we love it more. Can you tell us how do the dividends work?

TronAO: Every user that submits a transaction on one of the simple games will automatically receive tokens that can be staked/frozen for daily dividends that get paid out once the dividend round is over. Dividends are paid and will build up until collected by the user each round. The funds are filled by users as such: ex: 10 TRX will be split into 3, 1/4 to the main fund, 1/4 to the jackpot fund, and 1/2 to the Dividend Pool. The more users, the bigger the pool. Whys this on TRON?

TronAO: When I got into crypto a little later then I care to admit I found a lot of crypto communities to be extremely “Whale” orientated and a lot are just rude, I stumbled upon Tron and not long after joining a few telegram room the TRON community welcomed me with open arms, for which will always be grateful. I see TRON as having a great future as it is fast and scalable, it is pretty user-friendly when it comes to creating token and compiling and deploying a smart contract, the price of all this being low as well as a major benefit. All in all, I fell in love with TRON, and it’s awesome communities. Many of our friends find it tough to connect to gaming sites like this, what makes your’s user friendly?

TronAO: At the moment we currently use TronWeb to connect our site to the Tron Network and our smart contract. For our users, this means simply installing the Tronlink Chrome Extension (available in chrome store) or downloading the Tronlink Tron Wallet from Google Play Store or Apple Store for ios, Logging in with your wallet or creating a new one then heading over to TronAO where you simply click ‘Register’ and you’re ready to claim your free tokens and/or play a game. How big do you think the crypto market for games will grow into 2030?

TronAO: The market could be massive with the right attitudes, developers, and community. Imagine exchanging in-game credits for tokens or crypto and see how much of a game-changer it would be, anyone can play, anyone can earn. Which 3 Alt-Coins do you think most highly of and why?

TronAO: My top 3 would have to be:
1) Tron – For the community and scaleability
2) ETHER – Solid active communities and plenty of information
3) Dogecoin – Well simply any Coin or Token created as a joke and still have such a strong and happy community is great. Never stop having fun. Do you think the crypto market is not fair? Many good projects did not manage to kick off and get the funds they need, while some manage to do it. is this luck?

TronAO: In some cases, I think luck has played a part as well having some financial backing, It is most definitely harder for the little guy even in crypto because if your crypto baggies aren’t full then you must not be serious, but this is not always the case for small devs who could do great things if given the chance rather then overlooked because they don’t fit the “profile”.

At TronAO you can claim 10 free tokens to do what you want with so if you want to start collecting tokens or crypto and get in and have a go you can at no charge. Can you share an inspiring quote for our users?

TronAO: “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein Thanks, Damien for your time. We hope to work more closely with you in the near future. 



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