Gets to Know about DogeZilla “The Biggest & Baddest Doge”


1) Dear DogeZilla, please introduce yourself and your team.

I am the Developer of DogeZilla. PHDPROSPER is the co-dev and has helped progress the project early on and still continue to push forth the project, as we continue to become a household name.

First things first, we are extremely proud to have achieved 200,000+ holders within 3 weeks time all through word of mouth and in an organic process. We’ve also minted Millionaires in the first 8 days and have done more than 10,000x from presale prices. We reached 500+ million marketcap in 8 days and to our knowledge, there is no other token that has achieved these levels of success in the crypto space in such a short amount of time. This is a testament to the demand seeking change in the crypto space, a demand for a safer environment for all crypto investors. And it is also an indicator that people simply just love our project and the DogeZilla brand.

Dogezilla community is a community of believers, we believe that impossible is only a mindset and everything is possible in this life. The Dogezilla community plans to achieve greater heights than any token in the crypto space has done and so far I think we have made a strong statement in our first days of existence. We are also believers of the “Compound effect” which is stated by the Astrophysicist “Albert Einstein” as the greatest force in the universe. It is exponential. It is the Snowball effect. It is the Domino Effect. It is the Ripple Effect. It is the organic method that has led Dogezilla to become viral and what we like to call the “DogeZilla Phenomenon”. The achievement in Volume we have achieved was almost Biblical proportions for such a small yet almost dead project a few months ago. The first 8 days of our project was something to witness to believe and the best part is we are in a deep correction and ready for an even greater bull run on our next leg up as we go into the billions.

One thing people may not know is we are very aggressive here at DogeZilla and very ambitious. And we have quite the mission and plans to do so. As we continue to evolve our project and grow a global community, our team will continue to grow larger with smart people around the world helping to contribute to many aspects of the project from developments of our projects to marketing aspects to merchandising in the actual storefront (T-shirts, plush toys, Keychain, collectibles etc), and even to gaming production later. And as we continue innovating and new ideas and concepts are born, we’ll keep developing to meet market demands.

First off our focus would be the DogeZilla Vault platform which will be built upon a huge trust factor and coincidentally we experienced something quite unique in our community. From the early days of group inception and to the presale stage, our community was tested multiple times with adversity and challenges, but because the community had faith in the developer months prior to launch, trust was the only thing that held is strong. Fortunately enough, trust was the main factor that is needed to make the “Vault Badge” a concept for the masses to adopt and to make crypto launch place safer for millions as well, so everything worked out perfectly. Even today, our community members and the DogeZilla team have a very special relationship that we are proud of and it is that we have achieved an extraordinary level of trust among members and DogeZilla team in our community which is quite remarkable.

2) Why DogeZilla? Are you, in any way, related to Dogecoin or Godzilla?

DogeZilla name was a concept I thought up after being rugged and scammed so many times by bad tokens in the past. I figured why isn’t there another cool yet powerful token out there that won’t rug and why not a real project to help the growing need for security in this space. I was always a fan of Dogecoin and actually bought some back in 2013, and of course, watched Godzilla movies when I was younger. So I had the idea to make the strongest most fierce doge in the world and called it DogeZilla. And that’s how it all started.

3) What is your mission and vision?

The mission is clear at DogeZilla, we want to complete the Vault development for Beta testing at the end of this year (hopefully!). And when we release the public release, many new developers across the world can apply for security verification for privatized doxxing to make token launches safer for investors. It allows a safer environment for developers to keep their information secure at the same time earning trust from the Dogezilla and crypto communities. They will learn that the Dogezilla “Vault Badge” stands for – A verified project & safer project to invest in.

A lot of people don’t realize how bad the crypto scams conditions have grown, therefore we included a snippet of research in our Whitepaper available on our website. But for briefing purposely: “In 2019, a total record of $4 billion USD were stolen from millions of investors worldwide and expected to grow if security is not tightened.² At a 30% growth rate, scams can also be expected to grow to a staggering $19.3 billion USD by 2025.” As you can see, this is a huge problem for crypto investors. As crypto continues to grow and become the new money of the world, scams will inevitably grow alongside the growth of crypto as well. Scams will surface more and more and more people will become victimized just as myself, my family and my friends have been. We’ve all been victims of rug/scam, I am almost certain that is true. Therefore that’s when I decided right there and then, something must be done about this. This cannot be great for the future of crypto and for the lives of millions of crypto investors worldwide.

So the first project for Dogezilla is to create the Vault for the crypto community to keep more of investors money in their pockets by reducing scams/rugs – thus the name Vault to safeguard investors money.

Other projects we plan to dive into is the NFT space with our DogeZilla Invasion Series as in DogeZilla taking over city by city, get it? Jokes aside, the series will have 100 most popular cities in the world each with 100 minted NFT, bringing the total to 10,000 pieces, with different rarity tiers. These will be available on ZillaVerse which we plan to create a marketplace for all meme NFTs, because who doesn’t love memes right? Lol, we all love them whether we like to admit it or not! With the boom of NFTs lately, we believe it’s a perfect time to get into this space and with our global presence already and continually growing our brand is will be easily associated in the space and trusted, especially after Vault release. Any proceeds from the project will be circulated into all token holders hands, only making our token stronger and valuable as time goes.

With recent demands from the community for a Play-2-Earn (P2E) game and many other great suggestions, DogeZilla expansions are endless and look to explore many options. In addition, other future projects for Dogezilla include TRIBE, DOGEVERSE, ZILEX, KROSS, and FOLIO are yet to be discussed more in detail after the launch of Vault. Some of these projects are so far out it wouldn’t be worth discussing in detail but be sure these projects will definitely create some great value in the space.

The vision is a future where all legitimate crypto launches are authenticated thru DogeZilla Vault and the community trusts the Vault verified badge to gauge each launch for project safety. Obviously, it is not a 100% fool-proof method because that simply doesn’t exist in this space, but reducing risk to the highest degree is the purpose of Vault. And the more grand Vision of DogeZilla will be that it will become a household name and become the greatest token to ever exist in the world, made for millions and even billions of holders worldwide.

4) Care to run through your tokenomics with us?

The tokenomics are quite simple. We Started with 69 Sextillion tokens as part of a joke because I personally never heard of the word before, but actually “sextillion” is a real word and it means a number with 21 zeroes – 7 sets of triple zeroes.

But with so many tokens it also means such a low price, and with such a low price it also means millions or even billions of holders can purchase it. Therefore it could be a token for the ages. As a matter of fact, it could be a token for this century as long as the people choose it to be. DogeZilla have no limits.

We have a 3% Marketing Wallet, 2% Charity Wallet, 5% DogeZilla Developments Projects, 4.5% Private Investors (Admins/Mods)
1.5% Airdrops (Member Wins & Games Competitions), 15% Presale for liquidity and remaining for Tokens for Launch & Pancake Liquidity.

5) What are your marketing plans for the rest of this year?

Believe it or not, we haven’t paid for any advertising like many other tokens do simply to pump their tokens. Our method and strategy is done thru word of mouth and an all-organic process. Friends of friends share to each other and teach each other how to buy our tokens. I know friends who I have taught to purchase DogeZilla and have now taught 10 other people how to purchase the token to become a holder of our token. That is the Compound Effect we believe in, it is the web that connects everyone together, it is the ripple effect that flows outwards beyond the centre, and like a wildfire that never stops.

Our real marketing plans do not kick off until we reach a certain number which includes 9 zeroes 😉 That’s right, when we reach over the billion mark we will consider initiating a full marketing plan including the standard: Poocoin, Dextools, Coin sites, Bscscan, Key celebrity influencers, Super Bowl commercials, Nascar Sponsored Vehicle wrap, DogeZilla mascot, Times Square billboard and more. But effective marketing honestly doesn’t require much funds, it just requires members and holders sharing with others. It’s a bit more of an organic process than paying for advertisements. We believe the organic process sustains much better and keeps everyone connected and a stronger community, but when we need to spend a little fund for marketing we sure will do it.

6) Where are your core revenue drivers apart from your tokenomics?

Our Core revenue driver will be our Merchandise segment which is kicking off on our store. We recently sold out 2000 t-shirts and sweaters within a 10-minute time frame so that tells you how quickly and how much demand exists for our products. Like with all our projects, they are all recirculated back to all holders of our token. 90% goes back to token buyback and the rest goes to marketing and future developments of DogeZilla. Our revenue model also applies to our NFT marketplace (ZillaVerse) and any future project that we put out in the crypto space. We believe by spreading the proceeds to all the holders will keep the community happy and continually spread the word of our token and create positive vibes allowing for better future projects and concepts to sprout in an organic manner for DogeZilla to capitalize on.

7) What are your short-term and long-term goals? How well do you think DogeZilla can achieve those goals?

Some of our Short term goals have already been met as we are only 3 weeks young, we’ve completed our CoinMarketCap listing on the 3rd day and are currently underling Audit with Certik, which we will receive our Preliminary Report on Friday. Vault Beta is still on schedule for release at the end of 2021 for developers to test. By Quarter 2 of 2022, we should have the Vault official release ready for all holders to make use of and earn perks of Anti-rug checks etc and allow developers to submit verification of projects and dox themselves privately and securely.

Long terms goals include ZillaVerse, which surprisingly we’ve already started on our NFT series and are on track to finishing and the development of ZillaVerse will commence in early 2022. Depending on which project is more highly demanded in the space, we will be allocating our energy and focusing on those projects. Long term goals include completion of developments in TRIBE, DOGEVERSE, ZILEX, KROSS, and FOLIO. Which are still in the really early stages of inception and not many details as of yet.

We believe we can accomplish all of our goals, especially when we have such a strong community and smart team here at DogeZilla. Not to mention we will expand our development to a wide and diverse group of people as the time is right and if the demand in the space requires it.

8) How is your listing plan like? Are you heading toward more CEX or DEX?

We plan to do an exchange every week, but we are very decisive and picky when it comes to exchanges. Usually, we’d like to see meme token volumes and see exchanges with more than 250 million in volume. So far we’ve been offered to be on more than 10 different exchanges but declined quite a few, and the listings that we’ve been on we haven’t actually paid anything out of our pocket for them. They list our token on their exchanges themselves without much done on our side, simply because they see potential in our project and community.

Honestly, I believe CEX is currently much easier to use for the masses and believe I am leaning more towards CEX for now. DEX has a place as well but right now the technicalities make it very hard for entry for many users but as it becomes easier and more developments make it a friendlier choice, we may consider more CEX as time goes. But for now, CEX is our top focus and priority, and cannot forget to mention the majority of the volume is in exchanges like Binance,, Coinbase, KuCoin, which we are currently actively seeking to be listed 😉

9) Asia is a bit crypto market. What are your plans in Asia?

Asia is a huge huge market and we need to prioritize Asia in marketing and advertising much more as time goes on. My Co-Developer PHDPROSPER has much more experience in crypto marketing in Asia and I will need to have further detailed conversations and effective plans moving forward for marketing in Asia to grow our China segment as well as Singapore and the Philippines market.

Frankly, this token is made for the millions and billions of holders one day, so it would be quite facilitating to see one day when we reach 1 million holders in the near future and then the big day when we hit a nine zero holder mark. That would just blow my mind and maybe every crypto person’s mind. I’m not sure if it’s possible in my lifetime but if it becomes a reality I would totally believe that life is a simulation much like Elon Musk.

But we take Asia demands for our token very seriously and we plan to deliver to many segments in the Asia markets more as the days go by. As a matter of fact, most of our exchanges has primarily been focused on the Asia markets such as HotBit, LBank, Aofex, and Bkex, so we’ve been delivering to Asia and Asia demands our token more than any place currently so we surely have huge plans to incorporate more of Asia marketing into all our future plans.

10) Please share an inspiring quote with us.

The quote I always love to share is by an American Comedian “Charlie Chaplin” whom I dearly admire for his theatric speech in The Great Dictator. It is as follows: “You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then in the name of democracy, let us use that power. Let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world, a decent world that will give men a chance to work, that will give youth a future and old age a security.”