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1) Good evening from Singapore. Tell us more about yourself, Mark and then your core teams members, please.

Good Morning From Mexico!

Our Founder is Jacob, a self-thought solidity developer based in the Netherlands, he has been trading in the crypto space for many years now, a brilliant man with incredible ideas, he started project developments for almost two years now, being BabyBNB his most ambitious project to date.

S.N. is the CTO and is part of the core team of BabyBNB project. He has over 20 years of IT consultancy experience having worked in various capacities in a number of Fintech and particularly Insuretech projects. He also has experience in outsourcing, setting up offshore development team and leading large IT projects. He made his foray into crypto projects earlier in the year. SN is based in the UK.

Mr. M.K is the CFO, he was born in North Europe and he holds an MBA as academic background, he has been running very successful companies in several industries for the last 10 years, his best quality is his ability to create complex organizational structures of large teams, in a way elevating them to an art form.

R.C is our Media Director, he has a background in film making from one of the world top schools, a master of any media generating tool in existence with over 15 years of experience, he is located in North America.

My name is Mark, I serve as B.D.O & Public Speaker, I also direct the ethics and economical sustainability board of the BabyBNB ecosystem, I was born in Mexico, my background is an undergraduate degree in Political Science, a postgraduate degree in Public Policy and Economics for underdeveloped countries, I have been running my family office for almost a decade now, the company is specialized in agroforestry, it has been generationally successful allowing me to develop and supervise several foundations that support the preservation of endangered ecosystems. I have engaged in the creation of unique, ethically oriented business models in my space including the agricultural, hospitality and manufacturing sectors.

2) What is BabyBNB about? What are your mission and vision?

Blockchain technology provides endless possibilities to connect humans from any corner of the world to interact in new economical dynamics, it could be argued that this technology is still in its beginning stage even after over a decade of existence, we find evidence in multiple situations, a clear example is the dominance of the hyper-capitalist speculation, manipulation and deceit, while the value proposals, while not few, are currently dwarfed by the contrary approach, nevertheless, there are positive actors that have gained tremendous popularity and economical benefit from this technology in a shockingly short period of time, while the world is divided and the political/legal arena is in full contention, there are ways we can create an immediate redemption of the image this technology projects to the world, sometimes, the greatest of solutions are extremely simple.

BabyBNB wants to eliminate the barrier in the space between CHARITY, BUSINESS, UTILITY and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

We want to make the crypto verse “holistic” while supporting the “smart business” oriented initiatives, good actions and positive change has to be permanent, not necessarily a “charity”.

There is a NEFARIOUS plague of BAD PEOPLE taking advantage of the innate hyper speculative period that crypto is in right now. There is real danger, not only for non-aware investors but of a possible retrace in the adoption of the technology or in the worst case, a collapse due to its ever-growing negative image.

BabyBNB wants to create an avalanche of positivity for crypto, in a smart, sustainable way, connecting the available assets in crypto to the people making the difference in the real world.

BabyBNB is a FOR PROFIT social responsible company with an ECOSYSTEM of products, the vision is to become the first-ever SPECIALIZED project connecting two worlds that as of now are unfortunately completely separated; THE BLOCKCHAIN and SOCIAL RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTIONS around the world on a longer-term basis, our smart business implementation tools will allow any company in the world ( crypto or non-crypto) to create valuable partnerships with ONGs or socially responsible projects around the world via our CHARITY BRIDGE user interface, SECONDLY, we are also creating the FIRST ever “SOCIAL RESPONSIBLE” LAUNCHPAD for any bright project from anyone around the world, a launchpad that is inclusive, holistic, smart and profitable.

We know that one of the BIGGEST SUBJECTS IN OUR PRESENT AND FUTURE is social responsibility, the data suggest it, especially strong with the newer generations, we want to create a safe path for them in their upcoming adoption of the technology and the use of their funds for smart investments.

3) Tell us about your Tokenomics. How different are you from the rest?

BabyBNB is a deflationary token with token mechanics stabilizing the sales by incorporating automatic buy-backs and also providing frictionless reflection rewards to the token holders. BabyBNB Token implements three functions on each transaction: 1% of the transaction fee is the frictionless reflection reward that is sent directly to the holder’s wallet, 3% of the transaction fee is swapped into BNB and added into what I call the “O.D.M. wallet” (operational-donation-marketing ) to fund the balanced array of endeavours we engage as such a unique project. 5% of the transaction fee is swapped into BNB and added into the buy-back wallet used for token buy-back and burn that is triggered by token sales Every sale triggers a token buy-back to the tune of the buy-back amount that can be adjusted depending on the real-time buys and sells.

In summary, the tokenomics we have allows us to be self-sustainable to operate in the long term, to fulfil our purpose in the space, developing our core products.

4) Why do you choose to start your project on Binance Smart Chain?

This is a tough one, I have a personal debate between decentralized and centralized ecosystems, I believe both concepts have their advantages and disadvantages and this could lead to a very long philosophical debate, that for sure, we can do another time, I can say that the decision to use the Binance Smart Chain came across the possibility to have creative tokenomics paired with what I believe was the main reason, at least for me, energy and cost efficiency, I think they have this right.

5) What are the possible use cases for BabyBNB?

Our most ambitious and unique products are two, while they are incredibly innovative they are of extremely simple construction and can operate in a relatively immediate time horizon:


An innovative interface, FIRST of its kind, its a ONE STOP SOLUTION for integrating any business, from any origin, albeit a successful crypto company or a real-world business that wants to become social responsible and certified by BabyBNB . The company will be able to access our interface and adhere to a vetted, secure, impactful and fundamentally solid NGO or social responsible institution of any origin from our ever-growing database ( we want to be the biggest ever created ), we create a custom smart contract between them in a matter of seconds, the COMPANY will be benefited in its image on an instant, becoming more holistic in the eyes of the world thus becoming also a solid marketing tool for them, our marketing office will professionally promote the activities with the usage of the funds, but more importantly, it is generating real impact in the world with their newly created partnership via the BLOCKCHAIN!

BabyBNB is building a comprehensive team doing the desk and fieldwork necessary to certify that these funds will be well applied, creating instant value for the world, without barriers, anywhere, any time, while our public ambassadors and at times our own stakeholders will firsthand certify the efficiency and validity of this process in the media.

BabyBNB will charge a very small percentage of every smart contract created in the interface, again, adding real value to our holders and our ecosystem.

And this is how we unite THE BLOCKCHAIN, CRYPTO AND NON-CRYPTO BUSINESSES, SOCIAL IMPACT while bettering the image of the cryptoverse to the world!


We will provide our complete FRAMEWORK that comprehends developers, legal advisors, NGO experts, business advisors, financial liquidity, marketing tools with high profile public ambassadors to launch any project in the world, free of initial fees, as we want to be completely inclusive, any idea from any corner in the world is welcomed, the business model and use case will be curated and developed by our team of experts hand in hand with their original founders, we will implement cohesively a social responsibility attached to the projects, the impact of this will grow with time and organic revenue generation but will make them from the origin “sustainable-certified”.

We will become business partners of these companies by holding an initial part of their tokens, we will stake them and earn revenue to integrate back into our ecosystem, benefitting our holders and making us profitable and sustainable, we know there are out there countless of unicorns with needs, waiting to be discovered, the more of them we partner with, the better for our holders, for our ecosystem and for the #cryptoverse.

6) What is your roadmap ahead?

11 July: Release of whitepaper
15 July: Rebranding
16 July: Website 2.0
17 July: Bitmart listing
22 July: Staking
10 Aug: Swap Exchange
Early Sept: Charity Marketplace
End of Oct: NFT Marketplace
End of Dec: Launchpad
End of Dec: Charity Bridge

We got a bit overambitious with the new website and added a few surprises, it will be up and running in a few hours from now, i encourage everyone here to be attentive and check it out : )

7) How much do you intend to donate? And how can you make a social impact?

We have our own chosen cause as our social responsible integrated endeavour, just like we will demand every project we launch in the launchpad or integrate via the charity bridge to our future partners, we have chosen as our cause none other than the children of the world,
we are not unaware that the world we live in is unsustainable, if we can’t take care of our children, we will always have a failed society, so blockchain is the perfect example of an ecosystem that can allow us all to come together to really have a big impact.

I suggested working with SAVE THE CHILDREN in this initial stage because I was a volunteer once a long time ago and I can firsthand vouch for their reputation and hard work, this is yet an unofficial partnership where we place our milestone donations in their wallet online, we have now started to reach them to make it official. So far, with less than one month of existence, we have raised and placed an amount of 110k USD in their BTC wallet, making us already in this short timeframe already one of the most achieved social responsible projects, we will also start to implement small permanent donations to institutions in challenged, remote areas of the world.

We have a donations roadmap according to milestones as follows:

1 million = 10k donation
10 million = 100k donation
25 million = 200k donation
50 million = 300k donation
100 million = supporting a mission of saving the children to El Salvador + a trip for two random holders
200 million = supporting a mission of saving the children to Mexico + trip for four random holders
300 million = supporting a mission of saving the children to Guatemala + trip for 7 random holders
500 million = mission to Paraguay with 10 random holders
1 billion = we will build a school for unprivileged children in el Salvador
2/3/4 billion MC? By reaching a 1B higher MC we will build a new school in a certain country that the holders of $BabyBNB will decide in governance.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 👶

This is independent of our actual permanent small donations we will do with many children charities and organizations around the world, we will target the most remotes and difficult access areas of the world primarily.

8) What kind of revenue model do you have to keep your project going?

This is what excites me about our project, our tokenomics give us a big push to be able to pursue what I consider a very ambitious yet achievable roadmap, we have already partnered with major Centralized Exchanges and also paid two audits, the first one is live for anyone to review, it was done by Dessert Finance, the second one is by CERTIK considered by many the “best in the world”, right now is being “onboarded” and you can see it in their website, we will have a live swap and staking in our new website also in a very immediate time horizon, by December we should be already operating our revenue-generating projects allowing us to be fully independent financially, actually, we have been already approached by serious crypto companies wanting to use our “charity bridge” product as soon as its live, we will announce in due time when details are finalized and paperwork is signed, but yet again, it is all in the value and use case.

I think we can inspire more up and coming companies to do value first projects, with the help of smart tokenomics, honesty, creativity and hard work anything can be achieved!

9) Are you planning to list on CEX? Or keeping your options on DEX for the time being?

Just a few hours ago we went live on Bitmart, we are listed in SWFT, Cointiger, and of course Pancakeswap, we have more exchanges on the way, we are negotiating terms as we speak.

10) Share with us an inspiring quote!

Well I have many that help me go thru life with a positive mindset, not only quotes but beliefs, for example, I believe the good people in the space will inherit a clean, safe, utile cryptoverse for the generations to come, this is my dream, but if I have to choose a smart man, unlike me and a beautiful quote I leave you this one:

“One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others”

  • Lewis Carrol


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