in-conversation with Anndy Lian “Blockchain is contagious, pass it on.”

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Loading Good morning Anndy. Happy New Year eve. You wake up really early to take this interview. Thank you for accommodating to our timing. Can you give us an introduction of yourself?

Anndy Lian: Hi Melody, it is my pleasure to be interviewed by you. I understand you are in USA now, this timing works best for all of us. I am also preparing for the Chinese New Year celebrations. My name is Anndy Lian, CEO of Linfinity, a service based Blockchain company that provide supply chain solutions. Can you tell us more about Linfinity?

Anndy Lian: Founded in Singapore, Linfinity ( is the world’s first distributed supply chain platform based on blockchain, Internet of Things and Big Data technology, that is commercialising FMCG products. It aims to transform the supply chain industry by building a trusted and traceable anti-counterfeiting supply chain through blockchain technology. We have several use case studies presented to the public. The first use case is with a Singapore health care company, the second is with a hair care brand based in  Japan. Apart from being known for our anti-counterfeiting and tracking solutions, we are trying to simplify solutions for SMEs to try out blockchain solutions for part of their business operations such as contracts, invoicing. We are currently located at Shaw Centre Singapore and Shenzhen, China. Which are the countries do you focus on?

Anndy Lian: We focus on a few countries such as Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom, China and South Korea. For the past 5 months, Korea has been our core focus, I am honoured to be in the same stage of Blockchain legend Brock Pierce, and other ministers and former ministers. I am also a member of The Gyeongbuk Government Blockchain special committee. Our next commercial collaboration will be with a Korea based skin care company too. There are a lot to do in the Korea market. How do you view the current Blockchain and cryptocurrency scene? 

Anndy Lian: Based on my own observations, the market is going through a recession. This process will filter out projects who did not do well. Only the strongest will survive. Everyone is waiting for the market to shoot up but trust me, this low and gloomy period will last longer then it looks. In order to survive, we need to do real work on Blockchain. By doing real work, it create value. Value will give companies and projects revenue. What do you think Blockchain companies should do apart from what you have mentioned above? Is technology the key to success? 

Anndy Lian: Well, lets not bluff ourselves about technology. All Blockchain companies faces the same problem from security to speed. Nothing changes the fact that we are all in the beginning of a new era. In the future, I believe that there will be only a few core chains around for everyone to use. We just have to wait. So right now, we should use our present Blockchain technology to cater to existing problems. Brand your company such that you differentiate from your fellow competitors. Marketing is a key aspects that you cannot forgo. If you don’t market properly, who is going to know about you; who will buy your solutions; who will buy your tokens? Any other things you want to share with our readers? Or maybe a quote from you?

Anndy Lian: Lets work harder together. Let’s share our resources to make this a special 2019 for blockchain.

”Blockchain is contagious, pass it on.” Thanks for your time Anndy. 

Anndy Lian: Thank you and have a good year ahead.