in conversation with Sander de Bruijn, Serial Entrepreneur: “Attitude determines your altitude”

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Loading Dear Readers, my name is Jenny Zheng, Cofounder of Tonight, we have an in conversation session with Sander de Bruijn. He is a serial entrepreneur and a visionary leader that travels a lot and well network. Hi Sander, can you it introduce yourself?

Sander: Thanks Jenny. My name is Sander de Bruijn, 46 years, from Amsterdam in The Netherlands. My professional background has been in the Health, Fitness & Wellness industry and since 2015. I’m involved in the blockchain industry. What are some of the projects you are involved in?

Sander: Currently I’m representing as  Investor Relations Asia & Europe.  Also I’m co-founder at and Future Blocks Capital. I enjoyed being part of projects that have a bright future. I invest time and money on projects that I strongly believe in. That is also the reason why we started Future Blocks Capital, we put in the money to help good projects go to market. That is indeed entrepreneurial. So what matters most to you?

Sander: I believe that Family, Health and Time are most precious in our lives. I’m raising 3 beautiful kids in co-parentship. My kids, family and friends are my #1 priority in life. Also due to my work experience in the fitness industry, I now that being healthy is extremely important and I’m grateful for my health and well-being. Now that I’m in my forties, I’ve realized that “Time” is precious and you can’t buy any more time so you have to enjoy life and be happy. Tell us more in your own words, what is blockchain?

Sander: Blockchain is the latest global innovation that will impact many industries and increase trust. It will save 3rd party costs and time. Automation, Robots and Innovation will take over 50% of our traditional work. Our way of life will change, communication and how we do business will improve globally.

I was also interviewed by CNBC to share blockchain opportunities last year too. See 7.30 min where I was featured. This is part of my interview. Which industry do you think works best for Blockchain technology?

Sander: Many industries will experience impact from Blockchain technology the financial, health and tech industry will see the most increases and usage. Yes the gaming as well, we see that the gaming industry has some of the best use case study right now in the market. It had one of the highest adoption rate too. This is impressive! Can you share an inspiring quote for our readers?


“Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never WIN”.

In 46 years I have experienced in Personal and Business level myself that your attitude determines your altitude. The Desire to achieve goals and Never give up is something you see in every industry with peak performers. I agree with you on your quote. Our blockcast team almost gave up earlier this year but with the help of our mentors like KK from Hong Kong, Michael T. from USA, Anndy Lian from Singapore and especially Dell W. from Malaysia. We manage to stand up and till now, we have never regretted our decision to stay in the blockchain industry. It is so “colourful” and exciting! Thanks for your time Sander. I hope to see you in person soon. Maybe in Singapore next time.

Sander. Most certainly Jenny. I hope to catch up with you soon. Thanks for your time too.