Interview Mark Hill, Project lead of Metasino “First truly decentralized Casino/P2E Ecosystem on BSC that is Metaverse Oriented”


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1) Welcome to Asia Blockchain Community. Can you give an introduction of yourself and follow by who are your team members, what are their background?

I am Mark Hill the project lead of Metasino and I am from Nigeria. I’m an experienced professional with four years in the crypto space both as an investor and aficionado. I bring in my wealth of successful experience in the business world in meeting the objectives and goals of Metasino. Recently in 2021, I worked on ‘Rowket’ which was an NFT marketplace project. In my free time, I enjoy singing, travelling, swimming & listening to secular music. Kindly see below details of the project core team namely:

• Smilebot is an American and the co-founder of Shiblite a community-driven meme token focused on faster transactions and lower fees. He has also been involved in projects like ‘Daddy Doge’ where he worked closely with the core team. His interest is in NFTs and the metaverse. He is fully committed to the team and works full time as the project’s architect.

• GM Master joins the Metasino team as the Marketing lead with ardent interest in NFTs and strong connections in the Defi community. He is a Nigerian trained Electrical Engineer that has been in the crypto space for three years, both as an investor & a crypto enthusiast. He’s over the years developed an interest in NFTS and also worked on the NFT marketplace project named ‘Rowket’. He oversees our huge marketing plans and enjoys listening to Afrobeat songs.

• Name is Blank is a trained Computer Scientist from Nigeria. He has been in the crypto space for over 4 years and has worked on various projects. He is well versed in architecting and implementing blockchain systems using software development best practices and methodologies. He’s been involved in projects like Rowket and Automatic. He comes into the project as the Developer and provides guidance on the development and modification of the smart contract. He enjoys travelling and listening to pop music.

2) Who and what is Metasino? What is your unique selling point?

Metasino is an online casino platform that combines decentralized finance, valued NFTs and high-quality graphical gameplay. It’s a P2E platform that is facilitated using virtual and augmented reality headsets, which gives you access to the Metaverse. Our unique selling point is the strategies and infrastructure deployed like the virtual reality gaming experience in the metaverse and the creation of passive income for holders with our staking platform for both the native tokens and NFTs.

3) Tell us about your Tokenomics?

Metasino has a total supply of 500,000,000 with 40% allocated to the P2E wallet which serves as the vault where earnings and rewards from the casino games are pooled out. We also allocated 15% for staking which comes with a reward. 2% of the total supply will be added to the liquidity pool, 10% goes to marketing to foot our huge marketing plans and 10% to the team and advisors. Furthermore, 20% is allocated to presale which consists of both the private sale & public sale (IDO & Launchpad). Lastly, 3% is allocated for an airdrop.

4)How do you intend to market yourself in the current times? What channels are you focusing on?

We intend to market Metasino through its good ‘Use Case’, ‘Security of our contract and systems”, “Dedicated team and community” and “Huge marketing plans for its future”. We have a strong community of thousands that believe in our goals and objectives with a strong dedicated team which is one of our selling points. The project smart contract has been audited by ‘Solidity Finance” with a good report. We have a strong marketing plan and intend to roll out marketing efforts with these listed crypto & Gaming influencers (Ivan on Tech, Alex Becker, JRNY Crypto, Elliot Trades). Furthermore, top call groups like Ceaser & Gollum Gems will also be contracted to engage their communities on Metasino. Walk us through your current revenue structure.

5) What other revenue streams do you have in the future?

We have an effective revenue plan tailored towards achieving our goals through raised funds while minimizing expenses. We had an initial startup funding of $60,000, 170 BNB was raised from the private sale, 200,000$ will be raised on the 19th of January on Degems IDO and lastly $50,000 on Burning moon launchpad on the 21st of January 2022. Kindly note that 70% of the money that is raised will be added to liquidity.

6) Which game will be your core in the beginning? What other games will you be rolling out?

We will be rolling out a P2E game called ‘Meta-C-Low’ on launch day (24th of January 2022) while we continue with the development of the core casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, Pool, Big six wheel.

8) With this casino theme, are there any restrictions in listing on bigger exchanges? What are your plans?

We are open to listing on various exchanges as much as the law permits. We have contracted a blockchain lawyer to provide guidance and advise the team on the provisions of the law and the necessary steps to take.

9) Will you be planning to operate Metasino in all the metaverses?

Yes! We intend to explore the whole sectors of the metaverse ecosystem. We have land on sandbox where the first Metasino casino will be built and subsequently we will roll out other units of the Metasino casino in other metaverses.

10) Care to give us more information about your IDO with Degem? Degem is one of our clients too. I am happy to see everyone collaborating in the space!

We are glad to have a partnership and a great working relationship with Degems. The majority of the funds been raised from our public presale is on Degems IDO platform due to their track records and competence. We are delighted that on the 19th of January 2022, Metasinos first public offering will be on Degems platform. We are open to more collaborations in the crypto space and beyond.

11) Share an inspiring quote for our community members.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

– Helen Keller.

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