Interview TechnoDoge’s Cofounder, Santiago Melgarejo “Our goal is to become a serious crypto and not some meme coin”


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1) To begin this session, can you give a brief introduction of you and your team?

Of course! We have Mert he is the lead creative director and genius behind all of our sticker packs, videos and social media graphics, We have Adam he’s our genius behind our social media marketing, we also have Bonny he is my partner and he solo funded this whole project, we have Micaela and Emiliano who are our Spanish community outreach specialist, and I am co-founder of this project, I also am always doing the live AMA’s and always chatting with our community.

2) What is TechnoDoge about? How is it helping the world?

We want to be a serious crypto-based LLC. We are all about security, safety and trust with our community, we are currently in the process of getting Certik certified to add an extra layer of trust with our community. We are helping the world by not only trying to add increased security to crypto but also we donate 10% of all proceeds received to our company to charities our community chooses and it will always be live-streamed.

3) Can you share with us your tokenomics and structure?

Since we hope to be a serious crypto we do not have any tokenomics, our crypto is worth exactly what’s it’s worth. We plan to be in serious exchanges such as coinbase and they don’t support cryptos that have tokenomics, our goal is to become a serious crypto and not some meme coin.

4) What are your marketing plans for the month of September?

We have weekly live AMA’s with Professional streamer Travladd, we also are going to have our first community day event, it will be in Miami on September 25th and the best part is it will all be live-streamed and the best part of it all the news will be there and we will be doing a live charity donation.

5) What are the technology developments you are working on?

We are currently developing our own blockchain, NFT line, exchange and app. We want to create a rugproof and scam proof crypto space. Everyone that wants to be on our exchange, blockchain and app needs to go through verification with our legal team. We want to change the way crypto is viewed.

6) Apart from revenue from the tokenomics, where else are your income streams?

We plan to have our own exchange for serious crypto, in our exchange we charge to list and also we make income from transactions, we have our online merch store, NFT line, and with our future business venture, TechnoDoge is going to be the main currency.

7) What are your plans for listing?

In order pancakeswap, coingecko, coinmarketcap, binance and our biggest goal is coinbase.

8) Can you let us know what are your plans for the Asia markets?

We plan to hit the Asia market through We hope to be consistently held here for AMA’s and create a strong bond with the Asian community.

9) Doge related coins are gaining lots of traction and now Bitcoin is also bullish. What more can you do in such bullish times?

TechnoDoge plan to grab this momentum we are getting and advance the development and security of our crypto, blockchain and exchange. We truly want to change the way crypto has been done up until now.

10) To end off this segment, share an inspiring quote for the community, please.

We as a crypto community need to take a stand against scammers, rugpullers and honeypotters. The second we stand in solidarity against these malicious cryptos and scammers is the day that crypto will be accepted internationally.

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