interviews Gaimin CEO, Martin Speight: At the forefront of some amazing advancements in technology

martin speight
martin speight

Loading Welcome everyone! is stepping up its game, with an exciting IEO in the near future. And big plans after that! We think it’s about time we properly introduce ourselves. Starting with the Founders! Today, Martin Speight has joined us. Hi Martin, can you give an introduction of yourself?

Martin: Hey Melody,

Sure. Here’s a little about me…

I’m lucky enough to live on the beautiful Mediterranean coast of Spain with my wife and two boys of 18 and 14.

Professionally, for the last 30 years I have been involved in sales and marketing, and specifically online marketing since the year 2000.

During that time I’ve had the opportunity to witness many trends appear, was lucky enough to take advantage of some of those, and because of that I am now always open minded and curious to learn about any new technologies that appear, like blockchain!

I am also a lifelong gamer, and although the games I played in my youth were, of course, nothing like the modern games, because of my kids – who also love to game – I have also witnessed the evolution of gaming first hand, into the extraordinary industry that is modern day gaming.

It is truly exciting.

Gaming is very much at the vanguard of new tech development now, and it’s an incredible time to be involved in the gaming industry What is THE most innovative aspect of

Martin: There is a definite global trend towards decentralization, which is innovative in the way it’s being applied right now.

Also, I like the global trend of making use of existing resources to solve big problems.

Take the obvious examples of Uber and AirBnb. They have grown to become the largest “taxi” and “hotel” businesses in the world, yet neither own a single taxi or hotel room. They simple connect demand for these “commodities” with existing decentralized resources, using elegant tech and create a beautiful win/win/win situation. is based on both of these innovative trends. We pool decentralized computing power from globally distributed gaming PCs, and even using low end, conservative estimates, there is comfortably $200 billion of computer processing power sat dormant at any single time in the global gaming community.

That’s one huge decentralized data center! It can help solve the huge problem of a global lack of processing power.

Our innovative approach means we can use advanced, yet simple to use and elegant technology to reward gamers when they connect their existing resources to our “network” and create the exact same win/win/win situation for gamers, ourselves and for those businesses and uses of processing power. How is blockchain being used in Gaimin’score business?

MartinWe use blockchain exactly as it is meant to be used. As a ledger!

In addition to that, the main initial monetization use for the processing power we aggregate from our users is to validate and confirm transactions on certain blockchains.

For doing this we are rewarded in crypto tokens which we then convert a stable coin and pay out our users in our own GRMX crypto token which they can spend directly on their gaming experience.

Gaming and blockchain are set to grow hand in hand, both in terms of game development and gaming asset ownership.

With these factors in mind it makes sense for us to build for the future from day one by ensuring we adopt blockchain technology. What is your view on the blockchain and crypto market?

Martin: Blockchain is in its infancy, no doubt, yet there already an absolute sense of inevitability about it.

You only have to look at what’s happening at the level of the leading corporations and governments. The infrastructure is being built for mass adoption.

And although we may not see the adoption visually, the infrastructure which powers a lot of the tech we use daily will adopt blockchain technology and we, as consumers will simply enjoy the benefits.

That will certainly be the case with tech behind, it’s the perfect example of the seamless integration of blockchain technology into a huge sector — our users, gamers, will simply experience how our software helps them improve their overall gaming experience, and help pay for it all.

It’s a very exciting time in general right now, and especially for us at, being directly involved in both blockchain and gaming, we are truly at the forefront of some amazing advancements in technology. Why do your start your global roll-out in the Asian Market?

Martin: It’s no secret that Asia is the world leader in blockchain and gaming. So it makes sense for us to establish our presence there as soon as we can. Why are you primarily focussing on gamers?

Martin: We are not primarily focussed on gamers, we are *only* focussed on gamers as our end users.

From a marketing standpoint they are easy to reach despite their global distribution, they are young, open minded, tech savvy, use tokens daily, have the best computers in the world, they are the most connected demographic in the history of mankind, and they are very emotionally connected to gaming… they are truly passionate about it.

Gaming is no longer the “one player” game it was when I first started many years ago playing Space Invaders, Kong and Pacman.

Gaming now is the most exciting, vibrant, culturally diverse, technologically advanced, and wonderfully fun pass time there is.

We are also seeing pro-gaming evolve as esports grows right before our eyes, and gaming is pushing the envelope in so many ways, youth now no longer watch TV, they prefer to watch Youtube or Twitch channels of their favouritegamers. There are literally youths with Youtube audiences enjoying larger viewer numbers that full production TV shows.

I live it daily at home with my children, and I couldn’t imagine a more exciting and dynamic industry to be involved with. We would like to get to know the founders better, so what is your favourite pass-time / game / food (choose one…)

Martin: I played soccer for most of my life, which is my big sporting love, and it’s great to see the big soccer teams now with their own pro gaming teams!

As for food, if I had to pick a favourite food it would be the Spanish dish Paella. Although I did spend 6 months living and working in Asia many years ago, mainly in Hong Kong, and loved the diversity of Asian food I tried there. Would you like to share a quote with our audience that has inspired you?

MartinYes, that one is easy.

Not long ago I read the book “Shoe Dog”, the story of Phil Knight and Nike, which is a brilliant read, and even though it’s very cliche, I cannot think of a better quote than the Nike’s famous “Just Do It!”  

Never have 3 small words, communicated so much, or encapsulated such a bold attitude, in such a wonderful manner. Thank you for your time Martin! You have given us new knowledge on Gaimin and we got to know you a little better. Thank you once again!

MartinMy pleasure

About Gaimin:

The Gaimin platform is an AI-driven software that harvests gamers’ processing power and hardware when they are not being used. This allows a gamer to direct their unused resources to the passive accumulation of crypto assets, without affecting their gaming performance and without the need for any specialized knowledge. Gaimin provides a simple, highly practical solution with a 1-click download and install platform. This next generation, AI driven software runs in the background of a gamer’s PC and, without affecting their gaming performance, allows for direct access to unused and underutilised processing power and hardware resources that can be directed to profitable activities.

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