Interviews Ange Yobo, Happy Doge Founder “The Successor to Doge Coin is Here!”


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1) Good evening everyone. I had a good happy day and I hope you are like me too. Today, we have HappyDoge (HADO) with us. Can you give an introduction of yourself, past experiences, education and what brings you into the crypto space?

I am Ange Yobo, I was born in Côte d’ivoire, Africa and moved to France around the age of 5. After University I went into telecommunications and am the Head of Impact Studies at a telecom company. I’ve been involved in the crypto community for a short period of time but I am fascinated by the economic freedom it provides to those in desperate need of it.

2) Please tell us about your team members too.

Lotte, our marketing director graduated from Gentofte College and is skilled in marketing and sales. We also have a talented and experienced team of promoters, a professional blockchain content writer, and a team graphic designer that helps us to keep the Happy Doge engine running smoothly.

3) Can you tell us more about HappyDoge? What is your mission? Where are you registered?

Happy Doge (HADO) is a community-driven token developed for the people on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). After falling victim to a rug-pull while investing, I wanted to develop a token that was as close to scam proof as possible. At HADO, we offer simple static rewards for holding, locked liquidity, and a buy-back tax to deflate supply. We at HADO understand how important trust and good relationships are. Once trust is lost it cannot be gained back. In my attempt to promote the token I’ve used my own funds and not the marketing wallet in order to promote stability of the price. I’ve fallen victim to even more personal losses as I’ve had promoters take money and run. I am a member of the crypto community and like everyone else, I’m a believer in the potential of crypto, but I’m wary of dishonesty and thieves.

4) Please share your tokenomics and allocation with us. What is unique about your tokenomics?

a. At launch, HADO allocated 45% of the tokens to liquidity and burned 45.5% to deflate the initial supply of 1 quadrillion. Then 5.5% went to the marketing wallet and 5% went to the dev team wallet. Then we burned 4.84% of the dev team wallet. The dev team currently owns only .16% of the wallet. We needed to keep a small wallet so we could pursue exchange listings and not renounce ownership. I noticed the biggest scam tokens came along with the misleading phrase of “renounced ownership,” and I was going to do everything I could to be the opposite of the many scam tokens on the market.

The most unique feature of our tokenomics is the transaction fee. We offer 2% holder rewards which are distributed automatically through static reflection. 3% of each transaction goes to the marketing wallet so we can keep HADO running and at the forefront of the many Doge tokens on the market today. The best feature is the 6% Buyback and Burn tax which means 6% of each transaction that occurs is bought by the contact and burned. Deflationary tokenomics are big deal in this market and people that choose to hold HADO for the long run will be the biggest winners with this setup.

5) Care to let us know what is Happy Defi?

I would love to talk about Happy Defi as not many know a lot about it yet. We’re not a pump and dump token so I don’t worry about constantly promoting what is to come. HADO was never going to be just a token but was always a planned ecosystem. Decentralized finance is really at the forefront of cryptocurrency right now and tokens that just offer a form of exchange are not really offering a lot. HADO will be coming out with a Happy Suite of DeFi tools in the very near future. We have Happy Swap, Happy Flash loans, Happy staking, and even Happy Farming planned and ready to roll out. To compete in this market, tokens cannot just be a token because there is little reason to invest in one meme over another. Even with a developer that has the best of intentions, the token people invest in needs to be a stellar project, not a copy-paste reproduction of last week’s hit pump and dump. That is why HADO will be rolling out an entire suite of DeFi tools on the HappyDoge platform.

6) What is your technology roadmap like?

Aside from the suite of DeFi tools I mentioned previously, we also have an NFT marketplace that will be released soon. This has not been formally announced on our website yet, but it’s safe to say our holders can keep an eye for it. Blockchain offers so many possibilities and HADO plans to explore them all. In addition to the tech rollouts, we have future plans for Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and exchange listings.

7) What other revenue stream do you have?

In addition to the DeFi suite of tools which will all bring additional streams of revenue, we recently received the completed designs for our vintage style HADO t-shirts. They’re pretty awesome and come from one of our American team members. We plan to use these for giveaways, marketing, and overall community morale.

8) The Doge coin family has a lot of competition. How do you plan to differentiate yourself from all of them? What is your unique selling point?

Happy Doge has always planned to migrate to Cardano once mainnet launches. Cardano has a huge loyal following and has developed a reputation as a trusted blockchain. Once Cardano mainnet launches HADO will be available on both Cardano and BSC. Doge Coin was always designed as something fun and for the people and they’ve experienced amazing success. But they completely rely on the whim of an eccentric billionaire. While this may be good for gamblers, it is not the exact foundation needed for an investor. What Doge Coin has churned out after launch has been limited in the time frame they’ve been around. HADO will prove what is possible with a dedicated developer in a very short period of time. No eccentric billionaire is needed here at HADO!

9) The bitcoin market is warming up. It seems like it is the start of another bull run. What is your view on this?

Bull runs come and go and relying on a bull run to set the trajectory of the entire ecosystem is not the best plan. While launching during a bull run can certainly make developers a lot of money, it is not really in the best interest of the community. Community members often get sucked in by hype and the thrill of rising token prices only to feel the pain of a dump soon after. HADO is in this for the long run and we need to watch a few Bear and Bull runs come and go so we can prove to the market that we are here to stay.

10) Lastly, share an inspiring quote to our community. We want to be inspired by you.

In France there is a Famous French Proverb that says “On ne change pas une équipe qui gagne.” In English, this means: “One does not change a winning team.”

HADO has a mission and a plan and a team that is ready to carry it through and we plan to do just that, the community can join us, or they can watch us from the sidelines. Either way, we will win!

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