Interviews Austin Gomez, Co-founders of Bitkitties “I’m the happiest because I’m doing exactly what I want to do.”


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1) Can you say hi to all and introduce yourself. Tell us your background. Tell us about your team too.

Good Evening everyone! My name is Austin Gomez, and I am one of the co-founders of Bitkitties. My role in the team is Marketing Manager, but I currently oversee all operations at the moment to make sure the Presale goes smoothly. Before this, I was an Emergency Technician for the past 8 years in the military and for public hospitals. As for my team, we all specialize in certain fields outside of Crypto Currencies. Our contract developer is a mechanical engineer, with years of experience in Solidity. Our graphics designer owns his own art and filming studio in Canada, which is a great help when it comes to professional promotional material. And finally, our operations developer has an extensive portfolio involving business and administration. He specializes in trademarks and official documents to get Bitkitties on the map, officially in the United States!

2) Who is BitKitties? What is your mission in this crypto world?

BitKitties is a community-formed token as the old token was sadly rugged by the previous owner and dev. Members from the community that had money lost in the project, as well as the experience to run a project, decided to come together and launch a revival. The number one goal of this project was to put money back in the hands of BTK1.0 holders that were rugged as well as continue to grow the project. We are launching this token with a great BUSD rewards structure to further reinforce this diamond hands community.

3) I just noticed you weren’t originally the first owners of BitKitties, can you tell us what happened with the original project? Can you tell us how you have changed the project for the better and what you have done to improve it?

The original owner of the first Bitkitties used the name as a means to “get rich fast” in which he promoted Bitkitties with false promises, and ran away with the marketing and buy-back wallets. Once he left, we as investors in the community, decided to come together, create a new team, and revive what has been possibly one of the best communities I have ever seen. We promised the community that we would come back stronger, harder, and safer. As we promised, we delivered with a KYC through PinkSale and InterFI. As well as an Audit through InterFi. We would not choose to market until all of these things were completed and shown to the community. Our community loved this, and we were able to raise 70 BNB during a private sale to accomplish this goal. All thanks to the trust of our community!

4) I saw that you have already had your first private sale, did it accomplish everything you were looking for, plus what do you have planned with your presale?

We did conduct a private sale with the members we had in the telegram at the time that were diamond holders from the BTK 1.0 community. We initially set a 40 BNB hard cap, but we quickly realized with the amount of demand that we could increase our hard cap and be able to really reach out to everyone about BTK2.0 and drive this community token. We hard-capped and filled our private sale at 70 BNB which is going entirely into the marketing for the presale, which as you know is launching on Monday!

We have been able to complete everything that we wanted to complete and more so far. We have a ton of legitimate AMAs lined up from now through the public sale lined up so everyone is going to know about BTK2.0 and this passive income we want everyone to have.

5) Next, can you tell us more about your tokenomics?

The tokenomics scale is set as a total of 12% fee with 3% to marketing, 2% to buyback, 3% auto LP and 4% BUSD reward reflection to all holders. All of the rewards are reflected in BUSD, except the auto LP which would only convert half of the allocated tokens to BUSD. The 4% BUSD reflection bonus is massive.

6) How does your marketing plan looks like?

Currently, our marketing plan is filled with AMAs. We have already completed a total of seven AMAs as well as ads on various sites, which will be running throughout the course of the launch, which is on the 24th. We pride ourselves on being transparent and using our funds wisely on things that matter most. And to this team, having investors hear our voice is crucial to securing the trust of our investors and community. We are not afraid to spend funds where we need to, as everything has been budgeted perfectly. We are not here for a quick investment, we are here to stay, so our promotions will portray the same ideology.

7) Show us your technology plans and developments (Eg marketplace). How do you intend to stand out from your competitors?

We currently do not have the concepts generated for the NFT platforms or games yet, but there will be multiple ways to use the BTK2 token on the platform. The final details of the NFT marketplace and being worked out and drawn up, and our first game to follow.

8) What is your listing plan look like?

Our listing plan, for now, is of course to launch decentralized on BSC at first, but then focus on more top tier exchanges once we have the volume to support it. More to come on exchange plans just after launch. We will be listed on CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap shortly after launch though.

9) We are based in Asia. What plans do you have for Asia?

Since we are a community token, we are focused on all aspects of our community. We will have community events in the future that are region-based that we can offer just to Asia, as well as some unique marketing and content that will be directed just for the community from Asia. There will be something for everyone!

10) Kindly share an inspiring quote for our community members. We would like to learn from you.

A unique quote for the community members would be a quote from Gary Vaynerchuck saying, “I’m the happiest because I’m doing exactly what I want to do.” I think he said it best in this situation. BTK2 is a community token, we are a team that came from the community, this is what we want to do! We love crypto, and the community, sharing, creating, laughing, this is what we do and what we want to share. This is the passion that drives our team.

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