Interviews babyLONDON, 1st Ethereum Reward Token “Pioneering change in the Binance Smart Chain with Transparency, Integrity and Trust.”


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1) Thanks for coming by babyLONDON. We all know that Timothy and Hussein are the co-founders behind the project. Can you give an introduction about yourself?

Thank you for having us Blockcast Community, it’s a pleasure to be here.
My name is Rick (aka The Duke) and I’m in charge of operations at babyLONDON.

2) What is BabyLondon all about? What are your vision and mission?

babyLONDON believes a lack of integrity and honesty has almost destroyed the BSC ecosystem with fake projects, rouge developers and marketing scammers.
We decided its time to change that.
We believe dev teams should be doxxed and support available to investors on live cam 24/7 in addition to a diverse community of admins.

babyLONDON was launched with appreciation to the Ethereum London Hard Fork upgrade in August 2021. We decided to reward our investors with variable 10% auto claim Ethereum reflections as passive income.

We are building a platform that offers unrivalled utility for babyLONDON holders and crypto investors, which will offer a safe and educational environment for our investors to prosper.

The babyLONDON community can also benefit from live entertainment every night in our Telegram with DJ’s and live gaming competitions providing great engagement with the team and fellow investors.

We also have an endorsement from the co-founder of EverRise.

3) What kind of tokenomics are you having? What is your token structure like?

Our Tokenomics implement a 18% buy and sell tax on transactions. This is a variable tax that we micromanage in order to preserve a healthy liquidity pool and passive income rewards system. As well as providing the project with marketing and development funds.
An average ratio for our tokenomics are as follows:

Ethereum BEP20 Auto Rewards 10%
Marketing and Development 5%
Liquidity Pool 3%

4) Why Ethereum for reflections?

We believe that Ethereum is the king of utility in cryptocurrency, and will continue to see significant growth over the next few years. Being able to incorporate BEP20 Ethereum rewards on the Binance Smart Chain was a huge selling point for us, and a solid reflection to serve as passive income to our holders.

5) What are your upcoming marketing plans for the project?

We have instructed Far East Blockchain to help develop our marketing reach to Korea, Japan, China and the Asia market in general. A partnership that we expect to exceed $500,000 of investment over the next 12 months.

We have also just confirmed deals with 2 exchanges, CoinsBIT & Indoex, and are currently working on marketing campaigns with both.

In addition to this, we are still waiting for our Coin Market Cap listing to go live.

Our Social Media reach will also be expanded on a regular basis and specifically:
Our Discord expansion.
YouTube & Weibo influencers.
TikTok Educational videos.
Crypto & Financial News Agencies such as Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Street Insider & Yahoo! News.
Street Marketing Campaigns in London to include London Underground transport system, Taxis & London buses, and highway billboard advertising.

6) Can you share what is your future technology development roadmap?

The driving force being our project is the platform we are building to run alongside the token.
Features of the platform will include:

A trading function with comprehensive charting to swap cryptocurrency and tokens.
(All existing tokens and coins can be traded, however, if the dev wallets or contract creator wallets are linked to known scams they’ll be hidden behind a warning you need to click).

This feature will be in addition to a Developer Wallet tracking function.

A market sentiment feature, giving a clear analysis of top traded tokens.

Crypto university with short courses to complete with everything from how to buy crypto to how to spot malicious code. For example how to detect honeypots or exploits, before you buy.

Full crypto news feed feature.
Trending and sponsored tokens feature.
Safe KYC’s projects listings with premium exposure.
Tax/Accountancy Feature:

We want front-run international government pressure to tightly control crypto-asset taxes and make tax advice more accessible. Investors can connect a wallet to automatically work out tax requirements on trading for your selected country.

A fully loaded wallet Dashboard full of analytical features, some of which you can see on our current website already.

An NFT minting utility and marketplace, along with our own collection of NFT’s that are currently in development.

Gaming section with daily competitions and prize pools.

And finally, the juggernaut driving the project and the babyLONDON token will be the banner advertising. All the net profit from the adverting revenue will be used to increased buy pressure on the babyLONDON token daily. This will ensure our token and our Ethereum passive income rewards system will remain extremely healthy and consistent.

We also have plenty more ideas for the evolution of the platform in the future, with expansion into Safe Launchpad, Staking & Farming and affiliate programs.

7) Tokenomics are driving the revenue for most of the new projects. What other revenue streams do you have lined up?

As I touched on in the previous answer, we have seen that most reward tokens fail to survive in the long term and fail to provide significant passive income because they rely solely on volume to service the tokenomics. We believe that is a flawed system and will be the first movers in creating significant revenue streams that directly feed our chart every day. Tokens purchased will also be burnt, creating not only buy pressure but token scarcity.

In addition to this, we will have revenue from Merchandising and Sponsorships.

8) What are your plans for listing? Are you planning to go to CEXes?

We have just announced CEX listings on CoinsBIT and Indoex, creating trading pairs for babyLONDON with BNB, ETH, BTC and USDT.

We will look to partner with more exchanges in the future.

9) Ethereum has a lot of room for growth in the current bullish times. How do that good results reflect on your token?

Ethereum has proved to be the strongest investment over the last few years and we believe it will continue to be a leading force in the market despite a rising number of potential competitors. Along with a strengthening BNB, we believe our project will be able to provide significant and sustainable passive income to our holders.

10) To end the segment, please share an inspiring quote for our community members.

In under 4 weeks, babyLONDON has started a tidal wave of change on the BSC. Investors now demand more transparency, trust and integrity from dev teams in a battle to weed out the scams ruining the space. Something pioneered by our devs Tim & Hussein. In addition to our values, our all-encompassing platform gives vast utility for our investors and crypto users in general. As many imitators fail and exploits are uncovered, babyLONDON continues to build the infrastructure of real change, real utility and longevity.

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