Interviews Billy Thomas, C.E.O & Founder of BODA Token “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”


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1) Hi Billy, welcome to Asia Blockchain Community can you tell us about yourself and your team. I can see from the website that all of you are fully doxxed. Tell us more.

I’m currently 34 years old and live in Australia. I have formal qualifications in Business Management and spent a moment of my youth serving in the Australia Army as an Infantry soldier, where I was deployed overseas in 2009. I first started investing in the stock market when I was 18 and initially didn’t have much luck, but I started to invest again when I was 25. I first discovered cryptocurrency in 2016 and that’s when I applied some of my stock investing knowledge toward crypto investing however it was a very steep learning curve at the time as it was still quite new, and you had to learn everything on your own. I dabbled in a bit of crypto mining which helped me to learn more about the coding side of crypto. It wasn’t as easy as it is today as there weren’t any easy-to-use mobile apps back in 2016. Over the years I have become more involved in cryptocurrency and really interested in the development side of it, and being in the crypto space for a longer period of time definitely helps to deal with a lot of the stress that crypto can create.

We have a great team of individuals with different skill sets. We have Matt, Lee and Tom who are also from Australia. Matt has a background in Law and Human Resources, Lee has a background in Finance and Business, and Tom is currently studying Computer Science and Finance at University. We have Dave and Joseph who are from America. Dave has a background in Sales, Marketing, IT, Data Analysis, and Web Design. Joseph has a background in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Criminal Law. And finally, we have Steph who is from Africa, and she has a background in Marketing and Business.
I think we are fortunate to have such a diverse group of team members from different parts of the world with a wide range of knowledge and life experience. It really helps when it comes to brainstorming new ideas for the future of our project.

2) What is BODA and what is your objectives in the crypto space?

BODAV2 is a hyper deflationary crypto-token built on the Binance Smart Chain network. BODAV2 is a reward token that allows holders to earn passive income in the form of BUSD. Our objectives for BODAV2 aims to allow investors to be able to earn a passive income automatically just for holding their token asset. We understand that markets can be volatile and especially during a bear market your token asset could significantly drop in value. But with the BUSD rewards, we want holders to be able to still be rewarded for holding long term and earn a stable income even during those bear market periods.

3) Can you tell us about the original V1 BODA contract and what happened. How different are you with V2?

The original BODA was created by a developer who locked the contract on launch. Otherwise known as renouncing the contract. Unfortunately, the first team managing the token decided to quit on the first day. I was an investor in the token and was not happy that a token that I personally invested money in to was being abandoned, so I took it upon myself to manage the BODA token project.

I put in my own money to start promoting the token to bring in new investors and to help save the existing investors from losing money. Over time I found like-minded individuals who also invested in BODA with their own money who wanted to help me out. These like-minded individuals are the same people who are on our current team for BODA V2.
As we all started as investors and worked on BODA V1 purely as volunteers, I personally believe that is a great way to know the people working with you are not here just for greed. They are here to make something happen, whatever it may be, because they genuinely are interested in the development of a project. And I personally believe that if you focus on your goals and put the effort in, the benefits of your success will come naturally.

4) Tell us more about your tokenomics. What is your USP?

BODAV2 provides 6% from every buy order to be converted into BUSD for the reward pool. We have increased the sell reward to 13% from every sell order to convert to BUSD, meaning that those who are long term holders are rewarded higher if others sell out on them. It also helps if someone were to buy at a higher entry point and other investors were to sell straight after. It would mean that person who bought at a high entry price would have their initial investment value decrease, however, with the bonus 13% BUSD from sells the aim is for that investor to be compensated for the value of their initial investment decreasing. Over time many of our existing holders have already received BUSD rewards back that have covered their initial investment altogether, meaning they now hold BODAV2 as a cost-free asset as the BUSD has already paid off their initial investment amount.

5) Love to hear about your BUSD Reward Protocol and how it benefits your users?

The BUSD Reward protocol is a dividend system. Similar to how a dividend works on the stock market. The main difference is that thanks to crypto being decentralized we are able to provide those payouts more instantly from each buy and sell. The BUSD is collected from the fee portion of each buy and sell, and then send to the BUSD Dividend Reward tracker contract. Then it enters a queue where each transaction will help to push out payments.

The BUSD Dividend Reward contract is not something that we can gain access to, so all the payments are automatic. We will be adding a manual claim button on to our new dashboard to allow holders to claim early if they cannot wait for the auto-queue. This claim will require the wallet user to approve the claim transaction and they can only withdraw the BUSD that they are entitled to as per the contract protocol. Another benefit of the decentralized system which allows users to have more control over their own assets.

BUSD benefits holders as it is a stable coin and will never change in price, which is great during times of uncertainty and volatility in the markets when tokens can fluctuate in price.

6) Startups need to be sustainable, and multiple streams of revenue is important. Where are your revenue generators? Games? Merch?

We do currently have a merchandise store where 100% of the profits will go back into the token buyback initiative, where those tokens that are bought back will be burned to help reduce the overall supply. We have a yield farm that is currently being audited before we launch it. The Yield farm will allow an additional revenue source to provide to the ecosystem of BODAV2 and contribute to the token buyback and burns. We have plans in 2022 to have our own NFT platform and NFT game which will bring another source of revenue to our project.

Anyone who has started their own business in real life would know that the first year is usually the toughest when it comes to revenue-raising. And despite what others might think about crypto making people into millionaires, there’s a lot more hard work and effort that goes in behind the scenes and it’s definitely not an overnight “get rich quick” type of deal. So just like any business, we are always looking at ways to expand on our revenue both from crypto and external sources outside of crypto.

7) How does your marketing activities look like? Share that with us.

We are constantly marketing week in and week out. We make sure to plan out our marketing strategy and part of that planning is to make sure we get the most out of the money we spend on marketing. Return of Investment is a key factor in how we choose where to spend our marketing budget.

We often use reliable crypto influencers across social media when we have announcements to promote. We utilize other social media platforms like Facebook ads for example. We actively utilize Poocoin ads as we find that does get a lot of attention. We recently had a billboard advertisement in Times Square, New York which brought in a lot of attention. We are currently working with an ad agency for billboard adverts in Los Angeles for December, which we think will be a good idea following the recent announcement of the Staples Center to be renamed Arena.

8) What is your listing plan like? More CEX in the near future?

We have plans to list on a CEX in future. We believe it is part of any token project to have to list on a CEX. We are currently working out the technical specifics of how our token would operate on a CEX. As a reward token, our tokenomics would not be active on a Centralized Exchange, meaning that holders on a CEX will not earn BUSD rewards. So we have to carefully think about the compromise that can be offered between the holders on a Decentralized network and the holders on a Centralized network. We also believe that the community holders should ultimately decide when and where to list when it comes to CEX, as there will be pros and cons to our reward tokenomics and the holders will be the ones most affected by this.

9) Will you be expanding and putting more effort into the Asia markets? What plans do you have?

Yes. We have been discussing a proposal with BTOK to advertise on their platform. We are also working on having our whitepaper document translated in multiple languages to make it easier for non-English speaking countries to better understand how our token works and to allow them to do conduct their own due diligence. We are currently interviewing moderators to help us create a Chinese community group as we are aware there is a large market for Chinese investors who are turning toward decentralized cryptocurrency trading.

10) To end this segment, we usually ask for an inspiring quote. Please share with us yours.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston S. Churchill

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