Interviews Brandon Carr, Project Manager, Nickel Token “Life’s a test, mistakes are lessons, but the gift of life is knowing that you have made a difference”


1) Good morning. Please tell us more about yourself and your team.

Brandon Carr aka “K1d Crypt0” is our project manager and will be the host of this AMA. Brandon has a successful history of creative vision, budget/product analytics, innovation, development, coordination and situational awareness. He has been an esteemed Corporate Executive Chef for 12 years working closely with PGA legends and in hospitality for the last 22 years. Extensive experience in event management, pos systems, vendor relations, business acumen, inventory/order analysis, internal communications, and a keen eye for talent.

“My hope is to bridge the gap of the many niches of crypto under one roof. We can only make crypto mainstream if we do it together!”

Our core team consists of seven key people who are all publicly doxxed. You can learn more about the core members of our team here:

We also have over a dozen community volunteers and admin and we are continuing to grow this team as we develop and the need arises for added positions. If you are interested in helping or have some skills that could contribute to our team, we offer great incentives and a fun and rewarding community. Please e-mail us your background and what your skills are and we will be in touch!

2) Who is Nickel Token? What is your crypto purpose?

Nickel Token is a decentralized utility token on the BSC Smart Chain. This celebrity-backed BEP-20 token will connect entertainers, artists, athletes, and content creators to their fans through NFT blockchain technology. Nickel token has an experienced team of people from the tech, entertainment and business world. Our purpose is to utilize our network of celebrity influencers to build use cases.

3) I read on your token that the name came from a particular scene in “The Office:” where Leslie’s character “Stanley” and Rainn Wilson’s character have a hilarious moment? Can you tell us more about this scene?

The origins of the name of our token have to do with that scene, the character Leslie David Baker played, but also a conversation that he and Sardar had years later related to cryptocurrency, and it evolved into our Nickel token. The scene involved Leslie’s character Stanley basically telling Rainn’s character Dwight Schrute, that he’d pay him a Stanley Nickel if he’d quit talking about Schrute Bucks… the conversion rate of Schrute Bucks to Stanley Nickels is the same as Leprechauns to Unicorns.

4) Can you tell us about the tokenomics on your token?

9% total tax on buys and sells. As stated on their website, the tax allocates 5% to Marketing, Development, and Operations. Another 2% returns to holders as Wrapped BNB Reflections, earning them bonus tokens just for holding, and the final 2% goes into the Liquidity Pool. These tokenomics not only fund deliverables and marketing initiatives but also reward the investor for holding.

5) With a larger marketing wallet can you tell us how you plan on being different from other tokens, when it comes to getting the word out there?

Some of the exciting plans we have in store for marketing include banner ads on popular crypto news sites and Google Display ads, continued AMA’s, social media marketing, working towards trending on CMC/Dextools, video marketing using fun and professional level videography with Leslie’s contacts and experience in media. We are also working with many crypto influencers and high profile celebrities to gather the attention of millions worldwide. We want to also tap into fans of the show “The Office”. We will have a lot of media attention and press releases coming soon and much more!

6) Apart from tokenomics, where else will you be able to generate out more revenue?

Our NFTs, merchandise and NFT Exchange will be a great source of revenue. A portion of these revenues will also be used as a buyback to reinvigorate the market.

7) Care to share with us your technology development roadmap and use cases?

We know that there are many projects out there simply riding on hype, without much utility to keep their project sustained over a long period of time. With this in mind, we plan to implement a DAO system with staking, swap on the website and of course an NFT marketplace that is useable for other NFT projects. We want to incorporate niches that are more associated with the physical world rather than just digital.

8) I noted some of you are previously from another “charity crypto organisation”. Are they the one who leads you to build charity into your tokenomics? What charities will you be looking at helping?

Those of us with the other charity project were with it during the time that Nickel was developing their charity goals and tokenomics. When we all joined as one team, and Nickel Token moved to BSC, it was important to us that charity was still allowed for within the tokenomics, since there are many causes that are close to our hearts, but our main focus is making sure we have a strong marketing and development wallet for a strong and sustainable project.

We’re really proud to have K1dCrypt0 as one of the innovators in the charity token space, who actually came up with the idea at the other project that has led to so many implementing it as part of their tokenomics, too. More good is being done to help more people and causes… the ripple effect is exponential.

We have focused on charities related to healthcare and the arts in the past, but we’re not limited to that, and are open to suggestions and collaborations with other projects to maximize the good that can be done.

For Thanksgiving, an American Holiday, Nickel Token will be assisting with a hands-on food outreach to those in need. We want to get involved at a ground level, where the need exists, in addition to at the non-profit level.

9) Where will you be listing next? Which CEX are you aiming for?

We are in contact with several major centralized exchanges. We are also hoping to work with Fegex and Saitamask in the near future, as well as bridging to Ethereum and possibly other ecosystems as we grow. We are evaluating several options for where to list next. We don’t want to “list just to list.” We want to list somewhere that will bring volume and ROI, otherwise in our experience many times listings on CEX’s run the risk of not living up to the hype. At present we’re focused on marketing and building volume on pancake swap, and having a CEX in place or fiat to crypto option on our website by the time we launch our NFT Marketplace.

10) Give us an inspiring ‘WOW’ quote, please. Love to be inspired.

“Life’s a test, mistakes are lessons, but the gift of life is knowing that you have made a difference”

– Tupac Shakur