Interviews Dan Bouwer, CEO Crypto Island Group “Freedom to Co-Own and Co-Build”


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1) Hope you are having a great day. Welcome again. Dear, Dan, please give us an introduction of yourself.

Hi all, I am Dan Bouwer, CEO Crypto Island Group. Well, this whole project started 5 months ago, as an entrepreneur the idea came to combine our knowledge of crypto with the dream of buying an island.

My experience in blockchain is now around 4-5 years, I am really excited about the future of crypto!

2) What is Crypto Island? What is your ultimate mission and vision?

Crypto island is a unique first of its kind project that aims to bring the blockchain and physical world together in a very special way!

We intend on buying the worlds first CRYPTO private island and decentralizing the ownership rights, which never been seen or done before

How we will accomplish this is through our strategic tokenomics in which we will have 2% of all transactions going to our island wallet and at a certain time we will purchase an island for our holders.

The island will be bought by 5 ways of income.

It’s really a big project to describe in an AMA. The main priority for us is to share the message that we are going to buy a real island and that the community decides about the future of this project.

3) Tell us more about CISLA’s tokenomics. How different is it from those who saw in the market?

Our tokenomics are unique. It’s a win-win for our holders. Other projects usually have some sort of tokenomic tax in which holders are rewarded. Well, we have that, but wanted to take it a step further. On top of receiving a percentage of all buys and sells of every transaction. Holders also get to experience private island living at its finest! So we have a real use case for all the investors.

We have a 10% tax- 5% for the LP, 2% allocated to island wallet, 2% marketing, and 1% to all holders.

These tokenomics make it sustainable for the project to survive.

4) What is your marketing plans for this Q4?

Our plans are to continue with our global marketing strategy. The plan is to permeate the crypto space with crypto island branding, merchandise, and huge partnerships on a cooperate level.

Next week half of the team will visit the first islands in the Bahamas and we have appointments with our attorney for more information about the whole process there.
Also, we will have multiple interviews about Crypto Island on USA TV. So many big things are coming up!

5) “Supported by Lindsay Lohan and Amber Rose” is seen on your website. What is your experience working alongside big stars like them?

We have much experience in working with A list celebrities and will continue to do so. Our goal from the start was to partner with celebrities as opposed to influencers because we feel there’s a better return on our investment. We have also hired one of the top marketing executives that have close relationships with lots of globally known celebrities. Mirko!

6) Care to share what other technology developments or products do you have in line for your token users?

Yes, we have a really robust app that will allow access to lots of features for our holders including voting rights, engagement, plans, your wallet, and site builds. We are really excited about this!

This is one of our main products of the project that will be used by the whole community in just a few weeks from now.

Also, other big developments are on their way to be shared soon. We as a team can not wait to share this info. We are making Crypto Island a real brand!

7) Revenue is something that is neglected by many. Some choose to depend on tokenomics as their core source of revenue. What about your revenue streams?

I have personally invested lots of my own money (outside of investing in the token) and we plan on having many more investors on an institutional level that would like to join the blockchain/real estate space. We believe institutional/corporate investors see the writing on the wall in that crypto and blockchain is the future. Also, the build-out of islands will help to employ locals from those communities which inject capital into their economies.

We have many sources of revenue since with a real island you can do actually everything you can think of. Real estate, licenses, sponsorships, advertisements and more.

8) What are your listing plans? Are you sticking with DEX?

Initially, we plan on leveraging an exchange that has a “buy with card” feature. Not only will this make the buying process easier but it will familiarize the other 95% of the world who isn’t currently into crypto. We will then partner with a top 10 exchange to facilitate trading opportunities as well as increase volume. Listing on different small exchanges isn’t what we are looking to do. We strongly believe in quality over quantity.

9) What plans do you have for Asia?

Asia is one of the largest untapped markets for us. We know that market is yearning for something new and fresh so we are specifically doing our research on who to strategically partner with as well as implementing new community chats to break down that language barrier.

Big marketing for Asia is coming since we are talking to a lot of well-known people that are willing to help us move forward. I am always available for more promotions.

10) Please share an inspiring quote for our community.

Crypto Island is showing the world the truly unlimited capabilities of cryptocurrency! We connect the digital world with the physical world. Let’s make history, together.

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