interviews Dmitriy Budorin, CEO of Hacken Ecosystem

"Transparency is a key to trust. Trust is a key to success."

Blockcast cc interviews Dmitriy Budorin CEO of Hacken Ecosystem
Blockcast cc interviews Dmitriy Budorin CEO of Hacken Ecosystem

 3,009 total views Hi, Dmitriy! Welcome to Blockcast! Please introduce yourself. Your background, experience etc.

Dmitriy: My name is Dmitriy Budorin, currently, I’m CEO of Hacken Ecosystem.

My background consists of 8 years in Deloitte and a top executive position in the Ukraine Military Defense industry. Right now, my main focus is to bring transparency and trust to the crypto industry by means of providing high-level cybersecurity and auditing of crypto exchanges. Can you tell us more about Hacken Ecosystem? And what is the main objective of your project.

Dmitriy: I’m CEO of Hacken Ecosystem. It comprises 4 main products, which frame the main objectives of the project.

Hacken Hub is a cybersecurity services hub where any business can get cybersecurity protection tailored especially for them.

HackenProof represents a revolutionary shift in cybersecurity by changing the approach to bug hunting and paying for actual vulnerabilities in someone’s code. By opening a bug bounty program, a business makes a serious commitment to cybersecurity and gets continuous protection by our army of white hat hackers.

CER refers to Crypto Exchange Ranks. This platform provides all-inclusive analytics of crypto exchanges’ liquidity, transparency, balances, etc. It certifies the exchanges and ranks them according to a multi-factor model created by the CER team.

HackIT is an annual cybersecurity conference, that bridges researchers from Europe and Asia and encourages cooperation among market participants for a common goal of betting the crypto industry. What are your views on the current crypto and blockchain market?

Dmitriy: This industry is huge and I believe that it is future. I mean both crypto and blockchain. Though we badly needed the events of 2018 to happen after such huge growth – it was just overhyped and “promised” huge bargains to everyone who came here. Now the majority of projects in crypto have either officially declared bankruptcy or just went “dormant” till the next boom. One fact is obvious – about 95% of crypto projects found in 2017 were not launched for the idea of creating a new, vibrant, and revolutionary industry. They had the only purpose – make some easy money. Now when the hype has gone we will see the real projects shine and develop. I do believe that crypto won’t be hyped up in the nearest future because the majority of people won’t forget the volatility of last year and the number of scams which occurred this year. I see this as an excellent time to focus on development and internal process configuration, getting ready for the next hype. Can you provide a quote for the readers describing briefly what you believe in?

Dmitriy: Transparency is a key to trust. Trust is a key to success. Thank you for your sharing today!

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