Interviews DogeWine, the crypto way to success through Italian Wine


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1) Good evening. Please give a brief introduction of yourself and your team. When did you start working in the crypto space?

My name is ENRICO and I am the creator of the dogewine project my team and I deal in real life with IT and catering with more than twenty years of experience.

We have been working in the cryptocurrency sector for more than 8 years and have followed several projects both as staff and as large investors.


2) Can you tell us about your experience in the wine industry?

One of the founders Daniele is a very important chef and has contacts with many Italian wineries that supply his restaurants.

3) What is DogeWine about? How will you breakthrough in today’s competitive markets?

Dogewine is a structured project that combines two of the most popular products in the world, wine and cryptocurrencies, which together can create an explosive mix.
our idea is to expand the dogewine wine product in the world through important advertising campaigns

4) Tell us about your tokenomics, please.

The supply is 1 billion tokens with redistribution for holders in BnB. This redistribution was chosen to guarantee the holders a certain profit only by keeping the tokens in their wallets.

5) How does your marketing plan look like?

Our plan is aimed at making our project known especially in America and in Asian countries.

We will do targeted sponsorships both on some telegram channels but above all with influencers from the food and wine world.

6) Can you walk us through your product development roadmap? In phase 1 you mention farming and staking can you go over these options?

Of course, we have chosen to include the possibility of pooling or staking the token to guarantee our investors to earn passively by blocking their tokens for a period of time.
the farms will start immediately after launch

7) Where are your core revenue drivers? What kind of sales target have you set for the physical wine sale?

For the sale of wine, we have already made agreements with Italian distributors who also export to the world and above all, with the sale, a percentage of the profit will be placed in the liquidity of dogewine.

8) Where will you be listing next? What is your listing plan like?

Our next years will be mad joe’s and the ads on Poocoin and Bogged Finance.

9) Do you have any plans for the Asia market? Share with us too.

Yes, for this reason, we have chosen Asia Blockchain Community which is one of the most important channels in the Asian crypto world and will help us in the expansion.

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