Interviews Grace Ding, KStarLive- “Blockchain technology does not change the world alone, users need to experience it to impact the world.”

graceding blockcastcc
graceding blockcastcc

Loading We have Grace today for our exclusive interview at, a Singapore based Blockchain media company. Hi Grace, can you please introduce yourself.

Grace: My name is Grace Ding, I am currently based in South Korea Seoul. I am the CEO and director of KStarLive. Can you share with us what is KStarLive?

Grace: is a global Hallyu news website for foreign (Non-Korean) fans of Hallyu, showing fans around the world content on K-star, K-pop and K-drama. In two years of operation we were able to gather 8.8 Million subscribers on our Facebook page. This is amazing and you have a huge fan base! How did you manage to get so many subscribers in a short period of time?

Grace: KStarCoin project uses a reward system. Rewards are given to users for creating, reading, engaging and sharing content through our upcoming platform. With the rewarded coins, our users will be able to purchase goods and services related to K-pop and Korean culture such as concert tickets, MD goods, star related goods as well as gifting services (such as subway billboard ads and sending food trucks). And of course, our fans and content creators around world are producing high quality Hallyu content in the form of video, pictures and etc. KStarLive introduces fans around the world to selected high quality content in the view point of the fan themselves. This attracted many subscribers. What do you think of the current blockchain projects in the market?

Grace: I think there are a lot of great ideas and projects but I’m uncertain if some of these projects can come to real life and be used daily by users. I think 2019 is a year where services with real users that add value to those users will change the negative perception some have on the blockchain industry. Thanks for sharing Grace. Can you give us a quote of the day for our readers to digest?

Grace: Sure, I can do it.

“Blockchain technology does not change the world alone, users need to experience it to impact the world.” Thanks again for spending time with us this afternoon. For more information, go to