Interviews Kevin Bilal, CEO of DefiSports “Shape The Future of Sports”


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1) Thanks for coming by to Asia Blockchain Community, Kevin. Can you tell us more about yourself and your key teammates?

Hello everyone and thanks to Asia Blockchain Community, My name is Kevin, CEO of DefiSports and I am from Hong Kong. I have been working in the Defi Space for approximately more than a year now, but I have been in the crypto market since 2017. My teammates are all internationally based. Our COO Moustapha Masry who is the Main Dev is from Paris. He works for the 4th largest auditing firm in the world “KPMG”.
We are a team of 7 & 3 advisors with our main advisor being “Herbert R Sim” the BitcoinMan

2) Can you tell us more about DefiSports coin?

DefiSports is a registered company in Belize, we have been developing the project for 6 months now, Our vision is to build a better future for the world of sports, to achieve this result, we are working on developing an ecosystem that incentivizes athletes and supersedes the current infrastructure.

3) What are some use cases for the coin?

DefiSports has multiple use cases the aims to solve the most common issues that the sports industry has been facing, such as:

– Gender Equitable Pay
– AR World of Sports
– Incentives
– Decentralization (Defi)

4) Care to share more about your tokenomics and token structure?

Our tokenomics are special as we are a utility token.
– Maximum Supply: 10 Billion

We have tokens reserved for athletes, ambassadors, advisors & team. The wallets come with a vesting period and hardcoded locked functions.

All of the wallets have schedule release between 3-5 years, as we are a long term project, we believe in keeping all important wallets locked with a vesting period to release some % at the completion of the year. This will allow the project to grow and the business to scale without the worry of large holders dumping. It is a safety measurement to protect the project.

Our circulating supply at launch would be: 4.5 Billion

5) What are your marketing plans ahead?

We have a pipeline of marketing scheduled to release every single day with marketing activities.
For presale: we have 3 YouTube influencers videos about DefiSports
– Daily Reddit Posts on CMS, BSCMoonShot, Crypomoon, etc
– News Coverage for our project
– Advertisements
– Telegram Group promotions
and many more which I will like to keep them in the loophole.

For Launch: We have big marketing already planned in advance, it will be a big BOOST.

6) Can you tell us what tech developments should we be expected in Q4 this year.

We have just released our Q4 report
– NFT platform
– Coin staking (gaming room)

They both will be released in November for all holders to benefit.

7) Multiple streams of income is important for projects to do well. What are your revenue streams coming from?

Passive income is very important for investors to benefit from Holding our coin, we have NFT platform and gaming room that will benefit the investors for coin staking as HOUSE to receive APY’s + Profit sharing to receive dividends.

It is important to have a cashflow ecosystem that benefits the investors for staking, for the operation to continue support buyback option and also for these platforms to continue to upgrade. The most important aspect of our project is to keep the tech improving and bringing a user-friendly experience to the investors and community.

8) What are your listing plans?

As our Advisor, Mr Herbert R Sim has extensive experience in the crypto industry, especially during his time as Global Operation Director of Huobi which is the top 3 CEX in the world.

We surely have plans to only get listed on the top 10 exchanges in the world to give the best market value to our project, as our aim and mission is to be a top 100 project by 2024.

9) What are your plans for Asia?

Our plans in Asia is just starting, we are currently in talks with few athletes from Japan, Pakistan and Hong Kong, that are very interested to be part of DefiSports as they strongly believe in our vision to get blockchain technology and the use cases across the sports avenue. However, as you may know, not many athletes understand blockchain technology, it’s very powerful and requires more time to understand and learn, but we are very positive that Asia will be a huge success for us in expanding our project.

10) Please an inspiring quote for our community members.

We have it in our power to innovate the sports industry with smart tech through blockchain, starting first with DefiSports. #ShapeTheFuture

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