“The Value of Blockchain Technology is far more than that of internet” Liu Zhong, IFX.DO shares with Blockcast.cc

Gold is bound to shine.


Blockcast.cc: Hi Mr. Liu, great to have you on Blockcast. First of all, can you do a brief introduction of yourself? Your experiences, and how you got into the blockchain industry.

Mr. Liu: I worked in software development for more than 10 years, which includes c/s structure of software, b/s structure, mobile apps and blockchain technology.

Blockcast.cc: Which project you are now working on?  And what’s that about?

Mr. Liu: Our project name is ifx.do and I am the CTO of the company. Ifx.do is a one-stop online risk trading service platform based on the concept of blockchain technology.
The services ifx.do are divided into four levels. Based on the personal homepage that could be mutual follow, the first level is to provide the traders with the community communication services including information exchange, trading exchange, experiences and technology exchange and etc.; the second level is to serve the professional trading competition and one-click strategy-following based on the independently self-developed
system of ifx.do ; the third level is to manage crowdfunding asset and increase the wealth; and the fourth level is intelligent trading fund service.

In the meantime, the Token circulating in ifx.do will eliminate the barriers between the traditional online risk trading and token value investment of blockchain so as to provide a channel for the traditional centralized traders who tend to be crypto-currency investors during the process of strategy-following and strategy-sharing.

In a word, ifx.do will achieve the purposes below through these four levels of service: to provide the global online risk trading lovers with a platform to communicate and learn through these four levels of service; to provide the valuable trading strategies for the ordinary traders; to provide high-quality crowdfunding wealth management for the asset trust; to provide the institutional investors with intelligent trading fund services based
on market behavior. ifx.do will create the world’s first one-stop online risk trading services platform based on these four levels of service.

Blockcast.cc: What are your views on the current crypto market?

Mr. Liu: Currently,  the market of the Crypto and blockchain is in a slump which makes it very difficult for blockchain business to attract investment. Technically,  there are only killer project in blochchain industry– Bitcoin and Ethereum , and both have fatal weakness. There is still a long way to go. Eventually, the value of blockchain technology is far more than that of internet.

Blockcast.cc: Anything else you’d like to share with our viewers? A quote or what you believe in for the readers? Eg “I believe in blockchain, it can change the world.”

Mr. Liu: Gold is bound to shine.

Blockcast.cc: Thank you for your time. We hope your project can grow internationally.