Interviews Michael McMath, CEO of TrapCardz “Our aim is to become the first NFT generator on the Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum Blockchain.”


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1) Great to see you here at Asia Blockchain Community. Michael, please tell us more about yourself. Can you tell us more about your core team members too?

Yes. So our core team members were people that I decided to pick from the relationships built. The team were developed to this point stems from actual bond and unity. We all came from different backgrounds, but each team member holds similar traits. And the main trait is the care for the ones around us. Each team member has to have the care to sustain or overcome any hardships, as well as also have the care to constantly want to deliver outstanding work to your investors and supporters

2) Who is TrapCardz? What is your USP?

A unique selling point Of TrapCardz would definitely be the fact that we are indeed on track to accomplishing our goal of being the First NFT Generator on the BSC followed by ETH (chain).

Any artist or creator that’s new to NFTs and don’t really know how to make one or where to start, TrapCardz Wrld will be that gateway platform to not only helping them generate their first NFT. But made simple enough for a new crypto user to come in and be able to create and mint (with the help of our integrated market places) and they have tutorials to walk them through it. Another selling point is the 49.99 annual subscription fee you pay if you would like to remove the TrapCardz watermark from your NFT. Money paid from the subscription will be split between the liquidity pool. And marketing to help further the growth of the project

3) Can you tell us about your tokenomics?

So our tokenomics have changed for the future of our investors, the token, and the development of the project. What we had outlined originally just didn’t meet the overall vision of the project.

We as a team decided to bring an additional developer on board to help us line our tokenomics out with the vision and goal of the project. The new tokenomics of 4% REWARDS 1% Liquidity 5% DEVELOPMENT/MARKETING will actually help give our project the balance it needs to thrive the way we all believe it will.

4) What is your product and tech roadmap?

Our product and tech roadmap is on the development of our App as well as Bridging to Ethereum with a year in between and through the middle we have planned to involve the community by choosing different creators that are holders to submit their own NFT collections to the Team to have the chance to have there own art collectibles featured.
Musical artists will also be able to have their own trap card collection for their fans and supporters. Thus contributing to the growth expansion. We do plan to list to Cex’s as stated in our roadmap. But that is a little further down the line. Rather simply focus on the growth and development of the project to ensure it is a top asset.

5) Can you walk us through your marketing plans for the rest of the year?

Some marketing plans for the years would consist of multiple collaborations as well as connections split between the team and involvement of the community. Our main marketing tool will be our one of a kind NFT Trap card Collections.

Simply because each collection will be done by different artists/ creators that are a part of the community. That is what will drive the growth. The main seller is the NFT Generator, which is a marketing tool itself as well.

6) You talked about a listing on CEX/DEX on Phase 2, have you decided what exchanges you might be looking at during this time?

Some exchanges that I and the team have had in mind were exchanges like Bitmart, and Whitebit. I’ll elaborate on Whitebit because I just recently spoke with them. I believe they have one of the best support teams for an exchange to have. I feel that is a strong plus when dealing with investing, support. Same thing you need in a Community.

7) Where are your revenue generators?

Our revenue Generator will be the NFT Generator.

It will help develop and teach how to make one of a kind NFTs through simple templates used to help aid you in the process. The revenue comes when that creator decides they want to remove the TrapCardz watermark. An annual subscription of $49.99, is then put back into the growth of the project.

And of course, our second big Generator would be our variety of unique NFTs
Of course.

8) In Phase 4 you talk about getting a Metaverse DEV, what is your plans in that area when it comes to development? Do you think Metaverse will make your project grow bigger?

To keep it transparent as we always do, the Metaverse is something that would take a little bit more planning. It was more of an evolvement. We discussed that it would be smart to, later on, adapt and create a stimulation where you can view your Collections of TrapCardz in the metaverse. But that’s all I personally am aware of. The forefront of that would be led by the community.

9) What plans do you have in Asia?

The plan is to grow our community and work together to build one of the greatest tools for the NFT made. The support from the Asia Blockchain Community would be well appreciated, respected and welcomed, thus Unity makes everything 10 times stronger.

10) Share an inspiring quote for all our users, please.

“It’s never too late the world is yours.”


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