Interviews Nano DogeCoin “The new token that allows investors to earn USD Tether while helping to save dogs worldwide”


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1) Thanks for coming by. Can you give an introduction about yourself and your team?

Nano Dogecoin is a token with 10 core team members worldwide, who share a passion for animal welfare. The developers have donated to more than 20 charities and believe that the token’s success will help to save dogs around the world.

2) Please tell us more about NanoDoge.

Nano Dogecoin publicly launched on August 2nd, 2021, and now has a strong community of over 44,000 members and counting. The token has a unique structure to drive success for all. Investors who hold are rewarded with automatic USDT reflections in their wallets on a daily basis. Thus, allowing holders to receive passive income.

3) Can you share with us your tokenomics?

The tokenomics structure for Nano Dogecoin is as follows:
15% of every transaction is automatically redistributed in USD Tether.
4% of every transaction is automatically redistributed to the liquidity pool.
4% of every transaction is automatically redistributed to the marketing budget.

4) I love passive income. Tell us more about this and why USDT?

Yes! With Nano DogeCoin you earn passive income by simply holding. We chose USDT because it is the most widely recognized stable coin across all chains. This allows users to bridge their earnings to other networks if they choose.

5) Crypto going to charity is great too. Tell us more and who have you donated so far?

One of the entry points for our “Who Wants to Win a Bitcoin” show is to donate to an animal charity/shelter of your choice. Our community has donated thousands to various charities across the world such as Hope For Paws.

6) What is the roadmap for the next 4 weeks?

The roadmap for the next few weeks is staking, getting on another exchange, getting on Ailtbase, as well as working on the soon to be launched INDC project. INDC will provide an alternate revenue stream for Nano Dogecoin. However, the details of this project cannot be disclosed until it is launched.

7) In order for a project to do well, it is good to plan alternative revenue streams. What are yours?

Our plans for alternate revenue streams will come along with expansions into the NFT market and partnerships with other successful projects.

8) What are your plans for Asia? We want to work with you!

Nano Dogecoin would love to work with the Asian market and its developers are looking forward to working with a liaison that’ll ensure its press releases will continue to reach the Asian.

9) Bitcoin is moving upwards slowly but surely. Are you bullish and what are your thoughts on the market?

Nano Dogecoin is definitely bullish on the market. Prior to launching on Aug 4th, the developers waited a month and a half prior, to ensure Bitcoin had a breakthrough in order to release the project. The team at Nano Dogecoin firmly believes that the Crypto market follows Bitcoin.

10) To end off this segment, can you give us an inspiring quote?

Lastly, a quote from the founder himself: “The less you reveal, the more people can wonder” -It’s The King

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