Interviews Nature’s Vault™ “A New Way to Invest in our Planet’s Future”


1. Welcome to the Asia Blockchain community. Can you tell us about your team and their experience in the crypto market?

We have a cross-section of team members, some of whom have a depth of crypto-specific experience but what separates us from other projects is that we also have some of the best mining and environmental law minds in the world.

Many of our core members have extensive crypto experience and we have excellent blockchain advisors on our project. But I think what makes our team special is that in addition to these experts, we also have environmental experts, people who have spent years in mining (such as myself), and we also have creative thinkers on board. I would say we have an eclectic team driven by a common ambition to revolutionize the way the world thinks about mining, which requires people of all kinds of backgrounds and experiences.

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2. What is Nature’s Vault all about?

Nature’s Vault is a company focused on accelerating the funding of impact investments aimed at combating climate change and ecosystem damage. I founded this company to start our first and current project, which involves avoiding the environmental impact and carbon emissions caused by gold mining while utilizing tokenization to preserve in-ground gold deposits.

At Nature’s Vault, our focus is on the future. Beyond the climate crisis, we believe in the conservation of Natural Capital resources which we all have a duty to protect. Our vision is to give everyone access to investments that protect our planet, thereby advancing us to a net-zero future.

3. Can you explain the energy first off you feel goes into Proof of Work, and how it directly impacts the environment? You discuss in your white paper about carbon offset and how you can tokenize it in the future and give back to the ecosystem, can you explain to people who are listening today?

Energy consumption in the blockchain space has to change, it’s that simple. Part of our mission is to make sure that we have a reduced ecological footprint and support platforms that do as well. We’re going to review our entire technology stack to ensure that we are both efficient and keeping in line with our global carbon reduction mandate.

4. Have you picked out your first piece of land to secure so as to protect the land for future generations and make sure when mined it will be a net-zero process that you use?

Yes, we recently acquired a gold deposit that we refer to as Pistol Lake, which comprises approximately 150,000 Troy ounces of gold. The property covers 400 acres of forests and lakes and is located 80 miles west of the Thunder Bay area of Ontario. It’s adjacent to the Shebandowan Lake system, which is a series of lakes and waterways where you can find an abundance of wildlife, areas for camping, fishing and other eco-tourism activities.

When we acquire a mine and then tokenize the gold that we preserve, we are making a commitment to never mine the deposit.

However, If circumstances arise beyond our control, where we lose the title to, or control over any mining rights for gold deposits subjected to tokenization, we will undertake all reasonable efforts to replenish the unmined gold resources lost with deposits from other gold deposits held in reserve. Therefore, we have established a policy to subject only 80% of preserved gold deposits to tokenization, leaving 20% in a Contingency Reserve.

5. Can you explain the DAO that you have formed to do some of the steps that are required for your project? You formed a Contingency reserve to protect mines in the future, can you explain what you would use this fund for if needed?

We’re still exploring the possibility of forming a DAO. Currently, we’re focusing more on building out our community and finding people who are equally passionate about investing in initiatives that help preserve our Natural Capital, because we plan on incorporating the community we build into our decision-making process on whether or not to use a DAO and if so, what the architecture of the DAO would entail.

6. What is your marketing strategy and plans moving towards May 2022?

As I shared earlier, we’re focusing a lot right now on community building through channels like Telegram, Discord and Reddit. We’re also trying to get the word out about Legacy Token on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where we have a few campaigns lined up, as well as traditional media.

Because we’re the first to do what to do, we want to be able to familiarise people with Legacy Token and get people comfortable with our unique and groundbreaking concept. So that’s our focus moving towards 2022.

Although travel’s still tricky, we’d really like to have some of our team out on the road, attending crypto conferences and actually meeting the community face-to-face.

7. Community is always asking to list. What is your listing momentum?

We’re currently in talks with leading exchanges. Our listing strategy will most likely follow the typical [journey?] to getting on an exchange. So we would first start with a decentralized exchange and then work our way up to a Tier 1 exchange.

8. You have some key partners involved in the processes as well, can you tell us about them and what are their benefits of being part of the team?

As mentioned, we have a diverse team and this includes blockchain and capital markets experts advising us on our product development and process. We also have advisors who help us on the carbon and biodiversity side. Beyond this, our team is also developing partnerships with environmental NGOs.

The benefit of working with partners with expertise across a range of fields is a broad spectrum of insights across mining, ESG and the blockchain space that is enabling us to develop a unique product that bridges blockchain with ESG and solves a fundamental environmental problem.

9. Do you have plans for legacy NFTs potentially in the future that will be able to potentially add value to your project?

NFTs have had a very interesting time in the markets. We have seen both amazing growths, as well as more than a few NFTs that did not last. Our model calls for us to secure and help monetize the gold in the ground. We are doing that through the utility of the Legacy Token, but in the future, other assets may make more sense as an NFT. We are open to anything, and will always look for the best option for our token holders.

10. Can you leave us with a famous quote or saying that we the future potential investors can remember you by?

Change is never easy but often required. We need to ensure our legacy for future generations, and it starts today.