Interviews Pan Wei, COO of LinkArt: Shares his views on art and blockchain

pan wei blockcast
pan wei blockcast

Loading We have interviewed Mcken from LinkArt last week. Nice to see you this week in Hong Kong. Thanks for dropping by my hotel to see us.

Pan: This is our pleasure. We heard nice things about blockcast from Mcken. It is still our honour to be Interview by you Melody. Thank you. Please tell us more about ourselves. Thanks

Pan: Lets start off with my name again. My name is Pan Wei. I am the Co-founder of LAR and the executive director of Singapore LAR Foundation. I am also the member of the SAFE Foundation and CEO of Big Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. Also a former embedded firmware engineer of RENESAS, and early block chain investor. Looks like you are more into the technological side of things. Am I right?

Pan: I am actually more to the consulting side. I have rich consulting and management experience in enterprise coordination and operations, especially in IT solutions and blockchain applications. Another impressive chief in the team.

Pan: I am trying my best to use what I know for the art industry. LinkArt creates cross-border, cross-cultural ecosystem, and provides a barrier-free communication and trading platform for all art creators, enthusiasts, collectors and investors. This is my key role currently. Give is a quote to inspire our readers Pan.

Pan: Blockchain works perfectly for the high value art items. It helps to track and keep the art pieces accessible and transparency.

“Blockchain gives you the true value of your art pieces.” Thanks Pan. We love to work hand in hand with you and your team closely. We want to see more usage of your token in this market.