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Blockcast.cc: Hi Welcom Zeyu! Great to have you here today! Tell us something about yourself.

Zeyu: I’m Zeyu Chen, an investment banker based in Shanghai,China, and I’m also the co-founder of Fantertainment (泛娱点评), and a crypto/blockchain asset investor. I got into the space around late 2016, when I was going to some fintech event in Shanghai, and there were people talking about the crypto currency. I thought it was pretty interesting and it sounded like it could be a potential asset class. I started to pay attention to the crypto market since then. At early 2017, when the ETH price pumped up was when I really started to investing in crypto, because  being a finance professional at the time I could already smell the bubble, whether or not if it is a real innovation. After experiencing the whole 2017 bull run and many talks with different people in the space I become very certain that the blockchain will be the future, which is also why I co-founded Fantertainment in April 2018, and I feel very lucky to be part of this fintech revolution.

Blockcast.cc: What is your project name? and what is the main objective of your project?

Zeyu: My project is called Fantertainment, and the Chinese name to it is 泛娱点评. It is going to be an inter-blockchain wallet that holds crypto assets from different public chains, as well as a Dapp store that focus mainly on the entertainment side of the blockchain world. We’re collaborating with the Singapore Node All-Star foundation and will use their token NAST as our token on the Fantertainment platform. We utilize the tokens to reward our users who contribute contents on the platform, including comments, likes, shares, etc. it is sort of like mining. We will then have those UGC data saved onto the blockchain. Holding the token will also bring users airdrop rewards from many Dapps on different blockchains such as EOS, ETH, etc. The token system is important to us, because we think it is really an incentive for users to stay with us and to contribute their opinion about the Dapps and other units on the platform. We don’t own the users’ data, they own the data themselves in the form of tokens, and that is what we’ve pictured the future internet would look like.  We are hoping to build this platform and when people are talking about “entertainment” in blockchain, they will think of us, whether it’s about a blockchain game, famous IPs, or anything entertainment related, they can find them all on Fantertainment.


Blockcast.cc: Tell us about your views on the current crypto market.

Zeyu: As a young finance professional, I’m very bullish about the crypto market, and I think it is an exclusive opportunity for our generation. Any financial market has its up and down, and there is no exclusion for the crypto market. Personally I think it is about to be the best time to get into the crypto market in 2019 and maybe early 2020, because when the winter gets to its coldest, you will be able to buy these “sleeping” assets for very cheap comparing to the coming years. The whole crypto market is still a baby right now, if one day it becomes an actual asset class ( which I believe it will), the BTC price would still have room to go up for hundreds of times more than what it is now.

Blockcast.cc: Thank you for your sharing today! 


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