Meets Lakeview Meta’s CEO, Mitch Zanting “An Open-World Metaverse.”


1) Thank you for coming to Asia Blockchain Community. First of all, can you tell us what Lakeview Meta is all about?

LakeView Meta (LVM) is an open-world metaverse, available on PC and Android, that combines multi-chain capability with P2E/C2E gaming, NFTs, staking, with future plans for a launch pad, and more

2) Next, can you tell us about your team at Lakeview and their experience in the metaverse?

I am the lead developer and CEO. I have many years of experience in coding and gaming development.

Our experience is that we have largely developed LakeView Meta ourselves over the last year. Now the token is launched, we have plans to scale up

3) Your project is multi-chain capable. Can you tell us what proprietary chains you have decided to work with and why?

The token is on the BSC, which gives the BSC the first-of-its-kind rival to $MANA and $SAND. The In-game currency, which is pegged 1/1 with the USD is already available to buy on 9 chains

4) Are there plans to launch more cross-chain bridges in the future, and how might you consider the right fit?

We will continue to add more chains to buy our in-game stable coin $LV. We are currently concentrating on the #BSC for our token but won’t rule anything out for the future

5) Can you explain your concept of the open world metaverse and what your vision is for it? How are you going to make yourself more unique compared to your competitors?

We are “everyone’s metaverse” and our emphasis is on partnerships and with every new partnership both parties get stronger and make great new contacts. Open world metaverse has no limits, the only limit is your imagination

6) We see that you have some fantastic partners involved in the project already. Can you tell our listeners who they are? Who else should we be expecting?

Yes we are so lucky to have made such amazing partners to date, which has pushed the project on so fast and enabled us to do things like launch on 2 exchanges. We’re in talks with several other big projects but obviously can’t name them yet. Lakeviewmeta is everyone’s metaverse we’d be delighted to speak to any project about a partnership as long as they meet our KYC/AUDIT needs

7) In your whitepaper, you discuss real-world applications coming in Q4 of 2022. Are you able to explain this part of your project?

We don’t want to give to much away but let’s just say we want you to be able to do pretty much anything in the metaverse that you can do in real life, from walking into to a sports stadium and watching a match to walking into a restaurant and ordering food then your doorbell rings in real life

8) You have an in-game currency called $LV. Can you tell us about it and the benefits it will provide?

Let me talk about how $LVM and $LV work together. LVM token is not just any token. It’s a utility token as well as a dual LP token. LVM will allow users from around the world to buy and trade, directly in LakeView Meta, for the in-game token $LV. The value of LVM can fluctuate while the value of $LV is always a 1:1 peg to the USD. Exchanging LVM for $LV is also burn function that burns a % of LVM for every in-game exchange made. LVM & $LV holdings will also provide special privileges such as access to certain areas of LakeView, NFT’s and characters abilities and appearance. It will also provide discounts on certain purchases throughout LakeView, while combinations of holdings including LVM, $LV NFT’s and gems will provide additional benefits in the future

9) What is your listing plan? What have you installed for marketing?

We launched on 2 exchanges, “Bridges” and “ALPHAX” and have tokens locked ready for more. We are different from most projects with our emphasis on partnerships so our marketing approach is also slightly different, we’re keen to stay away from P&D marketing and everything we do is for long-term solid growth

10) Share with us an inspiring quote to end this session, please. We want to learn from you.

When LakeView Meta, was first conceived, our goal from the beginning was to create a metaverse loaded within metaverse utility that also extends deeply into the real world to offer real-world benefits and applications. The real-world applications will begin around the Q4 2022 portion of our road map and include corporate and government partnerships/sponsorships across the world. We believe these real-world applications will be one of the strongest areas of growth in the coming years as traditional businesses realize the depth and reach they can achieve in attracting new and servicing existing customers.

The LVM contract has some unique and innovative functions… The dual LP feature (FLPSS) or Floating Liquidity Pool Stability System, allows us to switch the LP from BNB to BUSD depending on market conditions to protect and even grow token value by taking advantage of the inevitable volatility inherent in the crypto markets. We have also written an innovative burn function into the LVM contract that will burn tokens for every buy and sell. The burn mechanism, over time, will reduce supply and reward holders for their loyalty with decreasing supply and thus higher demand.

There is another burn function, not included in the contract, but rather built into our API that should prove to be an interesting way of reducing LVM supply over time. Our in-game currency $LV, pegged to the USD, and as mentioned before can be purchased, in-game, using LVM tokens. Each purchase of $LV using LVM will burn a percentage of the LVM tokens spent, further reducing supply. With an initial 1B LVM supply, it won’t be long until we begin to see the massive effects of these exciting burn functions

We are so excited to bring LakeView Meta to the world and hope you have as much fun exploring, earning, and having fun as we have to build it for you. The building, however, will never end, and you can expect new utility, features, and gamification to be added regularly.