Meets Rover, Chief Marketing Officer of Flavors BSC “Get a Taste of Financial Freedom”


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1) Thanks for coming by Flavors BSC! Shall we start with an introduction of yourself and then your teammates too?

Hey there! My name is Rover – I am the Chief Marketing Officer of Flavors BSC and I come from a long history of experience in both development and marketing roles in cryptocurrencies.

I have two degrees in marketing and found a lot of passion in redefining finance and empowering investors to make passive income, so I’ve dedicated my time to building out projects that have the potential to unlock financial freedom for many.

My team is made up of eight other people who come from various backgrounds. By linking together all of our specialities, we have a powerhouse of folks determined to bring value into decentralized finance for all.

2) What is Flavors BSC all about? What are your USPs?

Flavors BSC is designed to create tokenized marketing. What we mean by this is that through building up other tokens and offering them a marketing platform through our team, we can inject their funding into our liquidity pool to drive value into the token.

We have a great variety of marketing avenues, beginning with offering reflections from our token to holders in THEIR token.

Beyond this, we have actual functioning tools being developed – these include charting, token information and cross-chain data that will compete will existing tools and aim to replace them through superiority. We have the ultimate confidence in our team to make it happen.

3) Could you run through your tokenomics with us? How will your tokenomics make a difference?


Our token is based on two standard ideas:

1- The marketing funds are constantly appreciating in value to access new avenues for bringing in investors

2- The funds for passive rewards are at their maximum so those who hold will get the highest return on their investment.

On buys you will always pay a static 12%. This is the lowest tax possible to ensure the success of both of those standards.

On sells you will pay a 35% tax if you sell within the first 7 days of launch. After that the sell taxes will reduce DRASTICALLY. We intend to reward holders and be able to provide a token with lower taxes as the success of our token proves itself.

4) How are you going to market yourself for the next few months?

Beginning with trending on all major sites, we aim to not just be listed – we want to partner. We aim to be a token that acts as an avenue to marketing for others. While our holder count rises we want the value of being a holder to rise.

With the increasing value of being a holder, we then appeal to more and more people – ultimately lending us the ability to provide actual development that is already underway.
We have full ability to develop tools that will not just compete with, but surpass existing blockchain tools in usability, function and appeal.

5) Where are your core revenue streams? What additional revenue streams should we expect in the future?

Our core revenue stream lies in forming partnerships with tokens that will reward holders in. They will inject finances into our liquidity pool and a portion of all buys and sells will go to capitalizing on the partnerships. As a result, the team takes a small percentage based on the performance of work.

In the future we intend to build tools that will require a holder to have a specific amount of tokens – this will drive in volume to the ecosystem and allow the revenue to rise based on those taxes.

6) Can you share with us your technology roadmap too?

At the moment our current roadmap lies in redefining decentralized finance. We are building everyday tools, such as a launchpad (presale platform), staking, NFT marketplace and more that will directly compete with existing tools.

We have full faith in our branding and team cohesiveness to succeed in these endeavours and the beta versions of all are nearly ready for launch. However, we want to launch with our token and reflection tracker in the beginning just to give a taste of what we can do.

7) When will your next listing take place? Which exchanges are you planning to get on?

We are not interested in the limitations of exchanges that exist outside of DeFi. What Flavors wants to do is redefine existing tools and act as its own exchange, swap, and more. If an exchange does happen for us, we have the ability to be our own market maker to control and sufficiently process the exchange pricing so volatility is controlled.

8) What are you upcoming plans for business expansion? Is Asia part of your plan?

Our plan is larger than just one region. We plan to expand into a full ecosystem for passive income – beginning with our existing token functions but moving into the industries mentioned previously.

We do not see crypto as a regional finance system, but a global replacement for unfair fiat currency circulation. Flavors aims to directly compete with those who don’t take full advantage of the world of DeFi.

9) BNB is getting stronger and the BSC network is getting bigger. How would you stand out from all the competition?

Our branding is just the start of what makes us stand out. Beyond that, our team’s diversity and experience give us a leg up on the competition. There is no shortage of ideas or hard work within our team and by first redefining the aspects of BSC that make it problematic, we can then move on to successfully being a leader in how the blockchain functions.

10) As usual, we would like to end this segment with an inspiring quote from our guest. Tell us yours.

“38 million people go hungry every year due to inaccessibility of funds to purchase food. An important aspect of Flavors is appealing to those who need a way to passively earn income, so they can afford the things needed most in life without having to sacrifice hours to work every day – time that is better spent taking care of important responsibilities. By allowing those who experience inequity to be empowered, Flavors can capture the heart of millions and put the power of financial freedom in everyone’s hands while making the blockchain a more friendly place to be.”

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