Reached Out to Karem, PR Manager of Crypter “The Social Network for Crypto Enthusiasts”


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1) Good evening. Can you tell us about yourself and your previous experiences? Tell us about your teammates too.

Good evening! My name is Karem, the PR manager of Crypter. I have around 6 years of experience in Marketing and cryptocurrency. We are a group of enthusiasts individuals looking forward to make a difference. Our CEO & owner of the team token is Nick Ballesteros you can find more about him on our website

2) Next, what is Crypter all about?

Crypter is a social network for the crypto enthusiasts and our ultimate goal is to bring all the crypto community together under one roof buy embedding all our utilities inside our platform, starts from Crypter wallet, Crypter Search, engage to earn system, crypterswap even we will be developing our own Dex (still under discussion), you will be able to have your own email using our domain name

We also trying to build a full ecosystem that you can rely on, we are going to create a platform that will support all the startup tokens to have their own landing page for their token.

Lastly, we are developing a new game called chain quest which will allow everyone to fight with his own favourite token character which will be crafted as NFT in the game.

3) Tell us about your tokenomics. What is your structure like? Why BUSD as reward?

We charge 15% tax whenever buy or sell happens divided as below:
• 8% BUSD rewards
• 4% Buy Back and Burn
• 3% Marketing & Development

We prefer to give back to our holders a stable token (BUSD) that will make them feel the value of their reward.

4) Can you run us through your marketing plans from now till the end of this year?

Having partnered with LunaPR for handling our marketing, they have helped us to be a sponsor in the First blockchain economy EXPO Dubai.

Regular press release in several high reputation websites, the last big one was in website. Several AMAs inside different communities. Paid promotions inside several platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…..etc. We also work with YouTube influencers with high reputations to promote the token. We will also launch SEO campaigns to get more generic traffic by targeting specific keywords.

5) What is your technology and development roadmap like? Tell us about your products too.

Our token is built under Binance Smart chain (BSC) technology.

Below are our full ecosystem looks like:
⁃ Social network platform.
⁃ Email service provider
⁃ Chain quest game
⁃ Contest platform
⁃ Crypter search engine
⁃ Portfolio tracker
⁃ Crypter marketplace
⁃ Crypter wallet
⁃ Merch & NFTs
⁃ Crypter voice platform
⁃ Crypter university
⁃ Ad platform
⁃ Web 3.0 login for the existing platforms.

6) Please elaborate to us on your revenue model.

We are mainly will depend on the below 2 platforms to generate long-term revenue:

⁃ Ad platform inside the social media, which will allow different tokens to advertise inside our platform.

⁃, it’s website has the similar concept like website, which will allow the startup tokens thats they don’t have a website to create their own landing page and to use for marketing their token.

7) Crypter Pay/Marketplace, what are the benefits to your token holders or people looking into this feature? Can you tell us about your Crypter wallet and what features and benefits it will have vs some of the other wallets?

Crypter Pay/Marketplace basically it will be a way to use the CRYPT token to pay for products, there will be also a plugin developed for WordPress and Shopify as a payment process.

The development of our own wallet will start early next year. This will have features unique to Crypter: an NFT tracker, a P2P service, and many more. A physical debit card connected to this wallet is also an option that is currently being evaluated.

8) Listing is a vital part of your business. Can you give us a glimpse of what is planned?

Currently, we are in touch with several exchanges like Simplex, but right due to our reflections we are trying to find a solution so to be listed in the top ones.

9) You seem to have everything from social media, university to payment. How about Metaverse? Will you be venturing into it?

Definitely, metaverse is part of our future plan but I want you to imagine how the metaverse will look like when we have our full ecosystem up and running. 😉

10) “WOW” us with an inspiring quote, please. We like to be inspired.

“Crypter is here to make the impossible is possible” 🔥

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