Speaks to Angel Token led by singer and entrepreneur- Angel Lelga “Angel Flying High”


1) Hello Team Angel Token, a pleasure to have you on Blockcast today, can you tell us about your team and their experience in cryptocurrency?

Team Angel itself consists of
– Angel Lelga (CEO) is a singer and entrepreneur.
– Kevin Marchiano majored in finance, but he is very enthusiastic about blockchain technology, with 4 years of experience in the crypto field.
– Michael Tanto, a student with 1-year experience in the crypto field
– Reynaldo, a student with 1-year experience in the crypto field
– James Won, a student with 1-year experience in the crypto field

2) I see the main person in your team is Angel Lelga, congratulations on having someone such as herself backing your team. Can you tell people not aware of Angel’s background what she is famously known for?

Angel Lelga is a talented singer and quite a successful businessman.

3) Angel Lelga being an Indonesia superstar I would assume your main audience will be from Asia, can you tell how you plan on targeting your marketing, as well as what you plan to accomplish?

Our initial target is Asia, we want to introduce some crypto lovers in Asia, and Crypto from our country is taken very seriously, we will collaborate with influencers around the world so that we don’t exist in Asia but also in the world. Our main goal is to have people will believe in crypto from our country.

We will make so many events in some cities in Indonesia. We will do AMA with some group calls and some Channels for International Marketing.

4) Can you tell us about your Tokenomics?

Token Distribution
Presale 30% Liquidity (Locked 2 Years)
18% Private Sale (Locked 10 Month)
16% Reserve Supply (locked 10 Month)
15% CEX (Lock 5Month)
10% Marketing (Locked 6 Month)
5% Development (Lock 6 Month)
5% Burn

Transaction Fee
Total Buy Fee 9%
Marketing & Operation 5%
Reflection 3%
Buyback & Liquidity 1%
Total Sell Fee %15
Buyback & Liquidity 7%
Reflection 4%
Marketing & Operation 4%

5) In phase 2 you launch AngelSwap, can you explain the staking and farming aspect of this part of your ecosystem?

Like the existing Swap, AngelSwap is likely to adapt and adjust some of its functions such as farming and Staking, We will socialize all of our products so that not only our community who use them but from several other circles as well.

6) We also see that in Phase 3 you plan to make an NFT marketplace, can you tell us about any collaborations that Angel Lelga might be helping you to land?

Many people know Angel Lelga is an artist and entrepreneur, but she is also very enthusiastic about crypto, he invested in crypto in the past year and is interested in NFT.
We plan on our own with several nft artists and market nft products from Angel Lelga.

7) Phase 4 is when you are planning on launching the Angel Wallet, can you tell us what differentiates this wallet from others? What security do you have in place on the wallet?

Angel Wallet is the same as trust wallet and others, the security system may be almost the same, maybe we will make it easier for novice users to use it.

8) As for Angel Blockchain, can you explain how your blockchain technology will work and what you might have planned for it?

Binance really inspires us, maybe we will go in a direction like BSC.

9) What are your plans for listing? Where will you be listed next?

We are now focusing on CMC & CG, for listings on other platforms, we will leave it to the community, and we will hold a vote for it.

10) Can you leave us with a quote or saying that our listeners will remember you by?

Angel Token is a project that is taken very seriously by Angel Lelga and the team, we are committed to our goal, however difficult and thorny the road will be, we will get there.