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Today we are glad to have our guest Raiimaker in the house!

1) Hi there, I am excited to have RaiinMaker App on our AMA and thank you for taking the time to tell us about yourself and the team. We hope to know you more.

Sure, I’m a producer and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the media industry working with some of the biggest brands in the world including Apple, Nike, and McDonald’s. Also I have produced film and TV projects with some of the biggest stars including the current project Atari we are doing with Leonardo DiCaprio.

I have always been at the forefront of the bleeding edge of innovation with media and technology. And I’m considered one of the foremost thought leaders in the application of blockchain technology in the media sector.

Here’s a summary on our project as well and bios of the team:

The Raiinmaker platform was developed over the last 2.5 years with over $1M in initial investment from the Founders to build and launch the MVP. The initial Beta launch of the product happened in July of 2020 to power the marketing for Crypto Focused Discovery DocuSeries Open Source Money, helping the TV show to a successful run in the ratings.

The project has completed a Seed/Private Sale with a $5M round led by Jump Capital’s $1M Investment and Jump trading is also onboard as the lead Market Maker for the token. Currently we are launching the public app to market with a charity campaign entitled #GlobalFieldDay with the aim of raising money for charities that empower the youth, global innovation, and the important work on the frontlines in the fight against climate change. In connection with the #GlobalFieldDay Challenge, 20 Athletes, Celebrities, and Influencers with millions of followers across FB, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are posting challenge videos to their social channels promoting Raiinmaker and the Charity launch. On September 9th, a 1 hour special aired on Fox Sports one hour prior to the kickoff for the opening night game for the NFL Season and we launched the promotion of Banksy NFT with royalties benefitting Climate Change charities.

We have a number of exciting partnerships and major campaigns set to launch over the next 1-2 months in connection with the continued marketing of token launch including Maxim NFT, an NFL team, and top Game-Fi Play to Earn Axie Infinity Campaign amongst many others.

J.D. Seraphine – Founder/CEO –

A pioneer in the application of Crowdfunding and Influencer marketing to the Entertainment Industry with a proven track record of creating success at the bleeding edge of the Media Technology Metaverse. Notable projects include Rock of Ages, Sirius, Growing up Smith, Hesher and the upcoming Atari Movie that is being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Joe Roets – CTO – and CEO of Dragonchain. He has over 20 years of experience in software architecture. Visionary and thought leader in blockchain technology since 2010 at companies such as Overstock, Coinbase, Symbiont & the Walt Disney Company.

Benjamin Gerry – Founder – COO on Academy Award winning motion pictures that generated over $1 Billion at the Box Office including Collateral, Hustle & Flow, and Miami Vice. Benjamin has financed and Executive Produced multiple successful independent films that have played at prestigious film festivals around the world including Sundance, Hot Docs, and Cannes. Produced multiple blockchain TV shows that aired on Discovery and Fox. 

Jonel Cordero – Co-Founder – COO and CMO of Dragonchain. He has spent his career marketing products and services for business and consumers. A member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, and PEER150 Marketing Group.

2) What is Raiimaker? What is your unique selling point?

Raiinmaker is a social creator engagement platform built on a hybrid Blockchain architecture to democratize the creation and distribution of value on social media. We are unique and that we are blockchain agnostic and leverage multiple public blockchains for the hashing of data from engagements created on the net work onto bitcoin and Ethereum and Binance smart chain. On the reward side we also have the capability to stake reward pools with tokens and NFTs from any block chain with over 40 blockchains integrated so far.

3) Reading into your tokenomics, I learned about Proof of Mining Influence. Can you tell us about this?

The Raiinmaker Proof of Influence Algorithm tracks all of the social engagement across the Network over the 28 day mining period. It then distributes a certain number of tokens that are minted from the token contract based on that level of network activity to users who are creating value on the network by mining through social action on Raiinmaker.

So basically as users participate in campaigns and promote on social media they are mining the future pools of tokens are being released every 28 days.

4) Where will you be marketing for the month of Dec? Tell us more about it.

We have a number of exciting partnerships that we will be launching in December and we will also be announcing the date of our IDO and token launch in the next two weeks.

5) Can you tell us in Phase 1 you discuss Twitter Action Tracking can you explain this?

We have created an integration with Twitter that tracks all of the social engagement that users drive on the platform and then utilizing our proof of influence algorithm hashes the proof of the social actions on to public blockchains. Twitter was the first platform we chose because of the amount of activity for crypto users and it’s open architecture.

6) Tell us about your product/ technology roadmap. Can you explain the three areas of your App, the Seed, Grow and Harvest?

Certainly 🙂 we are actually about to launch a new version of the app where we have renamed those modules. Seed is the market place where users can access and discover opportunities and campaigns to promote on their social channels, grow is the area where users then promote those campaigns and grow their share of the reward pools that they are mining through social action, and harvest is the Area where they redeem and collect their rewards including Tokens and NFTs.

7) In phase 4 BSC, ADA, SOL, and flow integration were mentioned, do you have other plans for other integration’s as well?

Yes as I mentioned we already have integrated over 40 blockchains including BSC and ADA for rewards with SOL in the works.

8) How does your listing plan look like? More CEX? or DEX?

Launching on both. The only thing I will say is that we are launching with two of the biggest CEX and DEX. Already confirmed and will be announced soon

9) In your whitepaper you discuss the starting of the fourth industrial revolution can you tell us how your project will benefit from this new revolution?

I think by combining Blockchain, AI, and machine learning we are in a unique position to revolutionize and democratize community and the creator economy. None of which would be possible without many technical innovations that are being created by some of the smartest minds ever to walk the planet.

10) On our last question I always like to end with a piece of information or quote that you feel is important to your community or listeners? Can you let us know what that is for you?

“I believe that we are nearing a tipping point and moving into a phase of rapid mainstream mass adoption with crypto. The Raiinmaker app is perfectly positioned to help onboard millions of new non-crypto native users into the Blockchain world while not forcing them to overcome the high barrier of entry associated with learning Decentralized wallet and key management and other technically challenging areas of the existing legacy Blockchain and crypto infrastructure. With our platform users are able to leverage the value of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world without having to be crypto native. This is of fundamental importance to onboard the other 98% of the planet who is currently still on the sidelines in this financial revolution. The future of our crypto blockchain ecosystem is inter-chain and open asset which favors projects like ours which can connect to multiple networks of value.”

Here’s a quote I like from Steve Jobs

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

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