with Suzy Liu from IDCM exchange “Getting in quickly with the correct mindset is the right and only way to go”

Blockcast cc with Suzy Liu IDCM exchange
Blockcast cc with Suzy Liu IDCM exchange

Loading Hello Suzy, welcome to! First of all, can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?

Suzy: Hello, my name is Suzy Liu. I am in charge of business development in IDCM exchange. Can you gove us more details of IDCM exchange?  

Suzy: IDCM registered in Seychelles with main office in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, currently ranking around 20 globally,and we have a Professional Wallstreet market-making team and international marketing team.

IDCM builds an incredibly streamlined model, all IDCM alliance members will be gifted with the ability to start their own brand in the fast-growing cryptocurrency space. Better yet, you don’t need any specific experience or have to run any sophisticated servers. There are only two small barriers to entry: 1) Own a domain name 2) Join the alliance by paying the IDCM Alliance fee. Based on their belief in the ever-growing blockchain industry, IDCM has a goal to spur the adoption of blockchain by creating an alliance that provides an easy way for entrepreneurs to start their own cryptocurrency exchange, without sacrificing ownership of clients or large profits, like with other alliances in the blockchain industry.

Find out more at What are your views on the current crypto market?

Suzy: Blockchain is a form of decentralisation that challenged the status quo in an industry such as banking which is behemoth-like and stagnant,Getting in quickly with the correct mindset is the right and only way to go. Let’s catch up soon and thank you for the interview.