’s AMA session with Padmon “Multi-chain Meme & GameFi Launchpad”


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1) Thanks for being here with us in Asia Blockchain Community. Can we begin by hearing more about you? What were you doing before starting this project? 

Whatsup guys I’m Professor Big from Padmon, also former CMO for Bigfoot, that didn’t go as planned for many reasons we will not be discussing, the main reason being it was a meme token. The Team and I are finally here to deliver something with utility for future growth potential and we’ve never been more ready!

2) What is Padmon? What is your purpose in the crypto space?

Padmon is a cross-chain IDO & IGO platform focused on GameFi Meme’s and Metaverse projects. We’re a microcap launchpad with allocation sizes between 75k-100k maximum aiming to become leaders in the launchpad space while keeping the system casual and fun. Padmon platform allows to raising capital in a decentralized environment where anyone who wishes can purchase a tier level to get into a new project and NFT’s.

3) How does your tokenomics look like?

Padmon tokenomics looks like this:

Max Supply: 100,000,000
Liquidity — 25%
IDO — 45%
Ecosystem — 15%
Team — 10% (Locked)
Reserve — 5% (Locked)

4) The market has turned slightly bearish. What is your marketing strategy like in such times?

Typically P2E Gamefi projects tend to stay strong in a bear market, Padmon plans on pinpointing these Gamefi & Metaverse projects getting our community involved in projects with long term goals & P2E integration thus keeping our community interested when the bear happens to stop by.

5) What is your current and future revenue model?

Our current revenue model is a small marketing wallet with buybacks back into the token. We also will have % fees on IGO’s which we will use for token buybacks which is something no other launchpad does according to my knowledge.

6) Tell us about your launchpad. What is your unique selling point?

For starters we are partnered with some of the most influential individuals in crypto, We have pool/farm capability to offer the projects we IGO with Knightswap, We also have the capability to reach out to the multiple launchpads (Astronaut, TBA, TBA) we are partnered with for multi launches when it comes to the more exciting, bigger, more promising projects… and quiet frankly a project like “Robo mice ninja pizza DAO” (If qualified of course) doesn’t fit with any other Launchpad…we want our community involved, have fun, and most importantly let’s face it…. make money

7) Why did you start your multi-chain process from BSC? Where else would you extend your multi-chain journey to?

BSC is where we started and are most comfortable building a community but its not about “would” its about when.. During Phase III Padmon will go cross chain to Fantom, Solana, Avalanche and Velas. This will naturally allow our community to grow. Phase II will be the full platform live and functioning. We aim to deliver our first IDO mid-February-March time. We have seen the success of other platforms that have used this same system and will apply it.

8) Many of our members are in South East Asia. What business plans do you have for this region?

South East Asia is one of our target markets. We have a marketing team helping do PR in SEA and onboarding influencers. We plan to convert our launchpad to multi-language such as Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Korean etc.

9) Can you also share with us your listing plans?

Pretty straightforward. We plan to list on Pancakeswap (PCS) on Jan 27th depending on market conditions.

10) Kindly share an inspiring quote with our members.

Grit is the courage to push through no matter what the obstacles are. We are built on this ethos and will deliver everything as promised. Giving back to the community is something we enjoy so prepare to take.

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