Blockcast In-Conversation with Dáithí Coombes “DLT, the catalyst to evolve the political economy”

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Loading Welcome everyone! Lets welcome Dáithí Coombes, a smart contract specialist. We hope he can share his views and thoughts as to why being on EOS is a developers dream.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background, what is your core specialty?


Daithi: I have been working as a full stack engineer for 18 years, starting as a digital nomad and then moving in-house later. My digital nomad years were spent traveling; from Dublin where I’m from, to west Ireland, Morocco, France, UK and now back to Dublin. I suppose this has given me an honest outlook on society, so this has been the seed for my interest in blockchain. Why Blockchain? What attracts you to blockchain?


Daithi: I can see DLTs, and immutable value, transforming society and being the catalyst to evolve the political economy. How did you get in contact with Gaimin? Are you a gamer?


Daithi: No, not a gamer. Although I do have two games I binge on: civilization II & minecraft. I met Calvin through trading circles in 2017 and was immediately interested in his aim to decentralise mining and distribute revenue to add passive income for gamers. What are your thoughts about EOS and what is your opinion that Gaimin is building on EOS?


Daithi: DPOS is an interesting solution to get tx’s and blocks produced faster and I am optimistic of it. One of the main selling points to me about EOS, as an engineer, is the ability to write low level code. This allows EOS to provide an application layer to easily build smart contracts, without losing the ability for fine tuning and access to low level networking operations. What do you think about the Gaimin platform?


Daithi: The Gaimin platform is an excellent project. It really sells itself and one point I like is that non-technical people can use the product from the get go. The app will self install, configure to be non-intrusive, the network will automatically select the best coins. One-click install, love it. All options and configurations can then be tweaked by the user if they have the technical know how. Tell us in layman terms about smart contracts.


Daithi: You got a few hours? Where bitcoin has made a number immutable, often used as digital payments, a smart contract is a line of programming code that is immutable. So a smart contract can execute an action based on external circumstances. For me, this ability is up there with learning to farm or the development of cities.


One example I always give is to imagine we have a smart contract running in our local government. This is clean and easy to read code that anybody can view, it will never change and always do one function; read given percentages and distribute funds. So 40% goes to education, 20% goes to infrastructure, 20% goes to services and say 10% goes to events. Here is one point of corruption that can be eliminated permanently and very easily.


Take the same example to the many supply chains we have today. Smart contracts definitely bring in a new political economy – post-scarcity I like to call it. Share with us how you see a use case of smart contract on the Gaimin platform.


Daithi: There are many use cases for smart contracts with a platform like Gaimin, but the one that stands out is selecting of coins to mine and who gets to mine them. With a smart contract, all actions will perform as they should and all decisions will be logged, nobody can thus interfere with this mission’s critical function.


Blockcast.ccThank you for that time Dáithí! Your insights are very interesting and it is good to get to know more about another advisor of the team and Gaimin of course. Thank you once again!