Blockcast’s Exclusive Interview with Eric KW Lau, Racing Council Member of Racingland


 2,508 total views,  3 views today Hello Eric, Welcome to! We’ve been following your project for a while, i find it very interersting! Can you first introduce yourself your viewers?

Eric: Hi all, this is Eric KW Lau, Racing Council Member (Investment) of Racingland. I was a traditional banker for more than 20 years. I’ve decided to quit the bank job because the world is changing but I’ve not observed that the banks are also changing synchronously. So, with my experience and knowledges of credit and operational risk control, project management, trade and supply chain management from my banks, I’ve formed my own corporate consultancy companies in China and Hong Kong. The projects involved before are in different areas and stages, such as angel, VC and PE stage of jockey club planning, environmental protection, green energy, long-leasing apartment and blockchain technology project. I understand that life is a non-stop learning. Someone choose not to change, but I choose to keep moving on. I believe I can perform as a communicator or transitor between traditional and new fintech and blockchain business world. We have a few articles of RacingLand on our site already, I bet many of our viewers had read about them. As a Racing Council Member (Investment) of RacingLand, can you tell us more in detail about RacingLand?

Eric: RacingLand is a horse racing business based on the blockchain and cryptocurrency platform The industry has grown into a whopping US$100 billion-dollar industry. Here, at RacingLand, we create the world’s first most transparent and open platform which provides services such as Horse Racing Media, Racing Ownership, Horse Exchange and Racing Game. We are a multi-functional horse racing platform based on blockchain technology. There are multiple services provided on our platform that would create a horse racing eco system. In addition, with cryptocurrency at its peak, race tokens would be introduced onto our platform and would be known as “Race Tokens”. With the implementation of these tokens, owners or players can feel more at ease and engaged when using our platform and would also get the chance and experience to own their very own stallions and gain much joy during their period of ownership. What are your views on the current crypto and blockchain market?

Eric: Just like traditional stock and exchange markets, moving up and down of cryptocurrencies are normal. Elimination of those weak or unreal blockchain projects from the market is also normal and healthy. 10-year cycle for stock market, but just few months or even few weeks cycle for cryptocurrency market, I may describe the present cryptocurrency market is in great depression. However, I think people should take this opportunity to learn how to equip and prepare themselves for the next round of bull and bear markets. I may suggest people learning tools or technique of quantitative trading, hedge and arbitrage applying in the cryptocurrency market.  Can you provide a quote or what you believe in for the readers?

Eric: Catch up with blockchain, catch up to the future. Blockchain I believe in (but just for those with real application scenario).  Thank you Eric!