Blockcast’s Exclusive Interview with Jhun Ha Jin from Korea Block Chain Association

A Smart City Builder

Blockcast Exclusive Interview with Jhun Ha Jin from Korea Block Chain Association
Blockcast Exclusive Interview with Jhun Ha Jin from Korea Block Chain Association


Blockcast: Hello Mr. Jhun, Welcome to Blockcast! This is the first time that we are doing interview with Korean Block Chain Association member, I heard that you are also an ex-politician, we are very happy to have you and I’m very excided! First of all, can you give us a brief introduction on yourselve? Your experiences, and how you got into the blockchain industry.

Mr.Jhun Ha Jin: I am currently chairing the self-regulation committee of the Korea Block Chain Association. In 1987, I founded a software company. In 1998, I became CEO of Haansoft (Korean Computer System), which was recognized as the “Korean MicroSoft” by that time. In 2012, I was elected as the 19th congressman, working as a member of the Industrial Trade and Resource Committee for four years to intensively reform the energy sector. In 2018, I earned a doctorate in real estate with a thesis entitled “A Study on New Housing Environment in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. I see blockchain technology as a very important technology in future.

Blockcast: I know that you are doing a smart city project named Siti. Can you tell me more about it?

Mr.Jhun Ha Jin: Currently, we focus on city development using a new city concept called Siti (Sustainable Intelligent Technology Integrated). Siti is a self-sufficient city with 3 important elements: self-sufficiency and business and community models for self-realization. The first is self-sufficiency of water, energy and food at minimum cost, starting from Zero Basic, by perfecting the waste water treatment, and the use Internet. Secondly, Urban Basic should be internalized. Distance Education, Healthcare, Manufacture and other urban functions should be internalized into the Internet. Finally, I think the business and community model for self-realization as culture basic should be well designed. These cities can cater to basic life needs with minimum cost, building a community and business for self-realization, making it possible to construct anywhere in the world, and making the cities more sustainable. Currently, we are trying to build a pilot city in Vietnam as well as in Korea, and we expect the block chain to work as a very important technology element in the construction of this city.

Blockcast: What is your views on the current crypto market? Or Korean market?

Mr.Jhun Ha Jin: Until now, i think it is still on its very early stage, for the early adapters . I think this is the stage where financial investors of the Main Stream can invest and get good return in the future. If we create more trust with this technology, we expect a full-scale social change to take place. And that is l also where the entry into self-realization society begins.

Blockcast: Anything else you’d like to share with our viewers?

Mr.Jhun Ha Jin: Twenty years ago, the internet made the data available and borderless , and now I expect it is the block chain technology to make the change. This technology crreates a Internet of value. 10 years ago, it was Bitcoin that started this concept, I think that in the future, more and more value will be created by blockchain technology and its evolution.

Blockcast: Thank you Mr. Jhun, for your time. You have given our readers new perspectives on the coin market. We look forward speaking to you again.