’s interview with CEO of VCG Corporation-Yoshida (吉田真一郎)

"The world will change, change the world"

blockcast interview Yoshida CEO of VCG Corporation Japan
blockcast interview Yoshida CEO of VCG Corporation Japan


Blockcast: Hello Mr.Yoshida, Welcome to Blockcast! First of all, please introduce yourself. 

Yoshida: I am Yoshida, currently I am CEO of VCG Corporation, a Japanese corporation of VCG Crypto Fund & Media Group, headquartered in Singapore. We are a Japanese corporation of the Media Group which distributes information to more than 11 countries worldwide by using block chain technology, correct knowledge of cryptocurrency, information using our company’s numerous media and networks. I have been a life consultant for clients such as life insurance, real estate etc. for a long time after graduated. Based on my experiences with the finance industry so far, I began full-scale research on blockchain technology and FinTech from 2015.

Blockcast: Can you tell us more about your company and what is the main objective of your project?

I thought that the role of transmitting correct knowledge and information on the blockchain technology that will greatly change the world of the future, the cryptographic currency established on that solid technology, is very significant and worthwhile Founded as a co-founder and now established with our CEO, it is the origin of VCG Co., Ltd.

Blockcast: What are your views of the current cryptocurrency and blockchain market ?

Yoshida: In Japan, the law was also amended in 2017, and the cryptocurrency became recognized as a currency. As a result, the price rise of the Bitcoin which is the representative existence of the cryptocurrency becomes remarkable, and in 2017, in Japan, it was exactly the cryptocurrency first year. Many millionaires called billions also came out, and the world had a Bitcoin bubble right now. Institutional investors and general investors all over Japan were paying attention to the trend of how far it will go.
Then, in descending gradually in 2018, it went down descending while interlacing some up and down. The current situation is about one sixth of the highest value. This situation is not just a thing as a speculation target but I am thinking that this encryption currency is used properly and it is an important phase that we have to think about real utilization law. I feel the importance of continuing to transmit correct information.

Blockcast:  Can you provide a quote or what you believe in for the readers?

Yoshida: Although the cryptographic currency is now such a scenario, there is no doubt that this block chain technology is a new technology that will change the world from now on.
From now on I will enter the fourth industrial revolution. This technology is a very important keyword like IOT and AI.
An international major summit that will bring them to the whole world was held here in Japan this June.

“JBC TOKYO” Japan Block Chain Conference Tokyo where we served as an official media partner. It was a great success event that counted over 12,000 visitors and over 100 exhibitors, during the two-day summit . This number was regarded as one of the largest in the world conference at that time and attracted international attention.

I feel that it was a wonderful chance to company that have communicate many ideas from all over the world and get a sense of unity with participators trying to seriously input it.

Then, It is decided that big event will be held in Japan January 30th – 31st 2019 . As we did last time, we will participate as an official media partner. The venue is Yokohama that next to Tokyo. Yokohama ,which is rich in international citizens flourished as a window of Japanese culture and a port town from long ago. It will definitely be a memorable place for companies that will be present to guests.
And, I would like to tell you that this international event is supposed to be more than the previous visitor and the number of companies planning to attend.
We are working on assuming 25,000 scheduled visitors and more than 200 companies planning to participate, and it is definitely the biggest event in the world as a block chain conference. I would be pleased if you could feel this historical time and moment with everyone.

“The world will change, change the world”

Next year in 2019, VCG Inc. will definitely change the world We will support you! !

Blockcast: Thank you very much Mr. Yoshida!