Blockcast’s Interview with CNC Blockchain Advisory John P Riley III

Blockchain is moving at a “fast snail’s pace”

blockcastcc John P Riley III
blockcastcc John P Riley III


Blockcast: Hi today we have John P Riley III on our interview. First of all, can you do a brief introduction of yourself? Your experiences, and how you got into the blockchain industry. 

John: Hi; my name John Riley III I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of CNC Blockchain Advisory company. We are focused on helping organizations and individuals that are new to Blockchain technology understand what it is, and how to prepare for the changes it will bring to their companies so they have a strong understanding of it when it’s time for them move forward with their Blockchain initiatives. 

I’m also the Organizer of the BlockEv West Palm Beach Florida Blockchain Meet-Up group and Co-Organizer of the West Palm Beach Linux Foundation Hyperledger Blockchain Meet-Up group. 

Blockcast: What is your project name? And what is the main objective of your project?

John: I’m currently an advisor on a project called Digitix. It’s a concert event ticketing project built on the Ethereum Blockchain platform. Its goal is to address the major fraud issues that happen with counterfeit tickets being sold for concerts an sporting events and also help with bypassing third-party vendors who sell tickets for those events.


Blockcast: What is your views on the current crypto market?     

John: Right now I think the crypto/blockchain market is going through the growing pains of a new emerging technology. Last year around this time Bitcoin was at $19,500 and you saw the excitement and fear of missing out (FOMO) happening with all the new people jumping into this space. The excitement was also able to bring more attention to Blockchain and why this technology is so important.  

With the major price drop over the past year in the entire crypto space, more bias towards Blockchain/Crypto started to take place because many people are not fully educated on the technology. The positive things that have been happening this year is major companies like e.g. Samsung, Wal-Mart, Amazon AWS, Alibaba, FedEx, Facebook, Apple and Google have shown that they are still moving forward with initiatives around Blockchain as they were able to become more educated on all the benefits and value it will provide their organizations and customers.

Unfortunately, many people still associate Blockchain as being the same thing as crypto and have been reluctant to move forward with trying to understand it more. This has been one reason people have been slow to adopt Blockchain at this time. 

As for crypto, I think there were a lot of projects out there that had strong potential but didn’t have strong enough teams to run them and move them closer to their full potential which has been a factor in what’s going on in the market for many of them. 

I think as more quality projects enter into the market moving forward and as we get a better understanding of what laws regulators in different countries will start to implement, the market will stabilize and become stronger over the next year or two.


Blockcast: Anything else you’d like to share with our viewers? Can you provide a quote or what you believe in for the readers? Eg “I believe in blockchain, it can change the world.” 

John: Over the past year and a half I have had the great opportunity to connect with people on a global level that are into Blockchain technology and have shared with me their view on how important Blockchain will be for them. Some of them like how cryptocurrency will provide them the opportunity to be a part of the global economy for the first time ever, which is something a lot of people in the world take for granted. Others shared with me how Blockchain is going to bring accountability to their governments and organizations for the first time which will bring trust where there wasn’t any in their countries. 

By being able to gain these perspectives helped solidify my views which is I believe that Blockchain is going to change the world in so many ways, and we are only scratching the service at this time on how it will with the various use cases that are currently being looked at. This is why sometimes you hear they saying blockchain is a team sport, this technology requires you to team up and collaborate with many people to understand it better and stay on top of all of these changes. 

Blockchain is moving at a “fast snail’s pace”, meaning that for those of us who are in this space we understand how fast it’s moving with all the weekly updates and advancements that come out. This is why sometimes you hear they saying blockchain is a team sport, it requires you to team up and collaborate with many people to understand it better and stay on top of all of the changes that are happening. 

For those who are not into Blockchain they only hear about it periodically, for them it’s moving at a snail’s pace, and they think it’s really not that important. Being they are not focusing on it now will be one of the reasons why it will be so disruptive for them when it finally reaches mass adoption.

Blockcast: Thank you John, for your time and sharing. Your views are very inspiring! Looking forward to speak to you again.