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BCoin believe that it is our responsibility to bolster the appreciation of cryptocurrency as a valuable international digital asset.

Blockcast.cc: Today we have Davy Goh on the interview. First of all, can you give us a brief introduction of yourself Mr. Goh?

Davy Goh: Hi my name is Davy Goh, CEO and Founder of Bcoin.sg Exchange. I am an outspoken blockchain and cryptocurrency evangelist, a motivated leader and serial entrepreneur, have a proven management track record and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in corporate financial strategies and management. I have spent 25 years assuming various executive leadership roles in globally reputable banks such as Credit Suisse First Boston Bank, Citibank N.A., ABN AMRO Bank and DBS Bank, bring a wealth of financial knowledge and expertise into the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem.

Blockcast.cc: Can you share us more with Bcoin?

Davy Goh: BCoin.sg seeks to deliver an all-encompassing exchange experience to our users. Users can freely trade cryptocurrencies on our fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto trading platform or make over-the-counter orders if the bulk size is above 200K USD. In the near future, users will also be able to utilize our BCoin wallet to safely store their cryptocurrencies outside of the exchange and spend their cryptocurrencies through our BCoin prepaid debit card.

BCoin was born out of the prospect of enabling millions of users in South-east Asia to access blockchain enabled financial services through our full suite of exchange and digital payment solutions.
BCoin.sg is supported by an international alliance and we have built core competencies that are overlapping within the blockchain world.

Blockcast.cc: What do you think of the crypto market?

Davy Goh: Several companies in Asia and around the world are building out the necessary products and services which will allow for the sale and trade of securitised tokens. 2018 is the year when foundations are set. By 2020, volume and liquidity is set to increase and then securitised digital assets will become the new norm for most, if not all asset classes. We also expect business to continue developing blockchain related products and for these products to become more commonly adopted by the vast majority.

Blockcast.cc: Is there anything you’d like to share with your viewers, like a quote?

Davy Goh: “As leaders in Asia Pacific’s fledgling blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, we at BCoin believe that it is our responsibility to bolster the appreciation of cryptocurrency as a valuable international digital asset. This starts with understanding blockchain technology which underlies the mechanics of cryptocurrency, an innovation that simplifies existing complex financial models with increased transparency, security, and cost-effectiveness. We are confident that our collective efforts will lead to greater acceptance and accessibility of blockchain and cryptocurrency within the community”, said Davy Goh, Founder of BCoin Exchange and a 30-year financial and fintech veteran.

Blockcast.cc: Thank you for your time Mr. Goh.


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