Calvin Adamus, Chief Product Officer of talks about his passion for blockchain and gaming

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Loading Welcome everyone! is heading for an exciting Token Sale Event. And big plans after that! Today, Calvin Adamus has joined us. Hi Calvin, can you introduce yourself?

Calvin: Hi Melody. Sure, happy to. I was born in the Caribbean on a small island called Curaçao, then spent the majority of my teenage life in the Netherlands. I started my first business when I was 19 and over the past 30 years have set up several businesses in different European countries, some with great success and some, where I learned life lessons.

I have a total of 5 children, speak 4 languages fluently and consider myself a true entrepreneur.

You must see Melody , I always had a great passion for computers and technology, even before Windows and the Internet existed. I had a Commodore C64 which makes me sound really ‘old’, actually I just started very young. Gaming was always involved, never competitive but more as a hobby.

Nowadays all 5 of my kids are playing games on all possible devices in the house and gaming is just a part of our lives. So, I heard that you were the one that originally came up with the concept of Gaimin. How did that happen?

Calvin: I wouldn’t phrase it that way Melody, I might be the one that was the original instigator of the idea, but the concept of Gaimin is the product of a true team effort. From the idea to where we are now is not the work of one man, I have the pleasure to work with many bright minds who have all worked very hard to get us to this point.

To get back to your question “how did that happen”?

Well in mid 2017 I bought a gaming computer for work and so that my youngest son who was 8 at the time could play games. I had been actively in the cryptospace since 2016, first as an investor, then later as an online social media marketing advisor for two crypto companies. Whilst I was doing this I saw other people mining and so decided to buy hardware to set up my own mining operation. I was complaining to a friend that the two GPUs that I paid for hadn’t arrived, when he told me that his sons had the same GPUs in their gaming computers and that my son’s gaming computer probably had the same GPU. That night I began thinking that if all gamers had these GPUs, then they could all be mining! I couldn’t sleep and began researching how many gamers there were in the world. It was simply unbelievable. I found that the more I looked, the more the figure increased until I realised that there were well over 1 billion gaming pcs in the global gaming community.

My mind was spinning as I began to think that if gamerscould use their machine to mine for just a couple of hours every day, they could all be earning crypto.

It took literally a split second to connect the dots.

The next thing I did was research to see if there were already companies using gamers’ computers and their GPU processing power and I could not find one.

My greatest talent is  developing an idea to final product, I have always been involved on the technical side of projects You sound excited Calvin, then what did you do?

Calvin: I am. I get excited every time I think back to those days. I grabbed my phone and called Martin. Martin is without doubt one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to the internet. He came back to me after 1 day and actually said “we have the next big thing here!”  Martin came up with several parameters that we could test and combine and we began to put a lot of effort into testing the hardware to monetize as effectively as we could. Why did you decide to put Gaimin on the Blockchain?

Calvin: Blockchain is a ledger and we decided to use it as it was originally designed for. With the blockchain we can keep track of all the movements and transactions in our platform. It’s also the next step in “evolution” to use blockchain for our digital assets Marketplace. The nature of blockchain is to be transparent, unhackable and costs of servers is non existant or very low in comparison with centralized systems. Recently, we decided to use EOS because we wanted to build a Gaming platform with high scalability, low latency and zero transaction fees, EOS was the logical choice. What is your view on the blockchain and crypto market?

Calvin:  Well Melody, you must understand that I was one of the first users of the internet, I had seen it coming and I have it seen grow to the mass adaption that it is today with all the ups and downs along the way. I believe that blockchain and crypto will go through the same path as the internet did. I also strongly believe that the world’s largest companies will be blockchain companies same as happened with the internet.

When you look at the current top 10 of the world’s largest companies by market cap then you will see that 7 of the 10 are Tech companies … Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft and Apple. 5 of them are internet companies.  When the internet first started, none of them existed and so what I am trying to say is that I believe that the same will happen with the blockchain. During the first few years of the internet there where many start-ups and I remember clearly the dotcom boom, anything with a dotcom raised a lot of money in the market, well we all know how that ended.  

But out of the dotcom bubble ashes rose many of the world’s largest companies as we know today, and we had a mass adoption of the internet and it’s still growing. I strongly believe that we are going through similar phases with blockchain and crypto.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, it was the crypto wild west out there. Since the beginning of 2018, regulation has been the main topic. We see that companies and projects without a real use have not been surviving. Some say that we are still in the crypto/blockchain winter. I am totally convinced that when we look back 10 years from now,  we will see this period and compare it to the dotcom bubble that burst and that the companies who survived and that companies that came after the winter had the potential to be the world’s largest companies. Gaimin is one of them as I do believe that the gaming industry will keep growing each year and that Gaimin will thrive on the mass adoption that the gaming industry is having You are starting your global roll-out in the Asian Market, have you ever been to Asia

Calvin: We are and it’s incredibly exciting!
I was in HONG KONG last year, that’s the only trip I have ever made to Asia.
It was amazing, the Skyscrapers really were impressive. The whole team went over to have some meetings and it is where we had our first face to face meeting with Alexander Shulgin. It was after this trip that he agreed to come onboard as an Advisor.  I am looking forward to making many visits to countries such as Korea, Japan, China and Singapore. Why are you primarily focusing on gamers?

Calvin: We focus on gamers, specifically on Gamers with a GAMING PC because there are hundreds of millions of them. There is a total of 1.3 billion Gaming PCs in the global gaming community. It is a community that is already knowledgeable digitally and has exactly the hardware that can be used for the problem that we are solving. They can also be targeted easily for marketing purposes with their own online channels and events. We would like to get to know the founders better, so what do you do in any spare time that you have?

Calvin: My big passion is playing Poker, especially No Limit Hold’em. I have played around the world and in some very big tournaments. My goal is to play the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas next year. I need to be honest that I haven’t had much time lately to play poker, hopefully I will find time in the future. Would you like to share a quote with our audience that has inspired you?

Calvin: “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” – Maximus Decimus Meridius (Film Gladiator) Thank you for that time Calvin! Your insights are very interesting and it is good to get to know more about another member of the team and Gaimin of course. Thank you once again!

CalvinMy pleasure , thank you Melody.

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