Catching up with Andrew Faridani, CEO of Breezemaxweb

Andrew Faridani CEO of Breezemaxweb
Andrew Faridani CEO of Breezemaxweb


Melody:  Today we welcome the owner, founder and CEO of Breezemaxweb, Andrew Faridani. Having worked in sales throughout Canada, North America and Europe, Andrew has a wealth of experience in property development and web-conferencing and most recently, over the last 18 years, been focused on his online marketing company based in Toronto.  Andrew, it is great to be able to spend some time with you.

Andrew: Thank you Melody.

Melody:  Andrew, your focus has been on Breezemaxweb for almost twenty years now. What made you consider getting involved in Gaimin?

Andrew: The moment the concept was explained to me I was onboard straight away.  It was an intriguing mixture of simplicity and intelligence, wrapped up in a win/win opportunity.

Melody: That sounds like a lightbulb moment, can you explain more?

Andrew: The outstanding aspect was that what the guys were proposing was not in and of itself complex.  The different verticals of GPU abstraction, an in-game token, AI learning mining, a referral program, and the retailing of computational power were already out there, after all.   The crucial difference here was that they were integrated into one vision, one platform and were based on being able to get gamers interested.  The first I completely got, and the second of these, I knew we could do.

Melody: Who is the “we”?

Andrew: Breezemaxweb is the we. You had a conversation with my brother Armen at the beginning of the year.  Our website namechecks our varied client roster, and we pride ourselves on long term relationships, with right-fit businesses for whom we, as Google Premier Partners delivery company-transforming results.  We reach out to, onboard, and develop customers for our clients.  We love what we do, and we do it well.  Still we continuously strive to do better.  Monthly budgets that our clients trust us to manage range from $1,000 to $650,000, and our complete focus is maximizing the return on their investment

Melody: How does your business background and role at Gaimin dovetail?

Andrew: Beautifully and elegantly is the short answer.  It is a perfect fit.  Around 2 years ago, at BreezeMaxWeb, we began working with some gaming sector clients.  I don’t object to stereotypes and we have (some might include me) our fair share of data geeks at the company.  They are the lifeblood of ad campaigns, to enable the dollar spend on behalf of our clients to be as effective as they can possibly be.

The stunning thing about the gaming sector is the predictability of the whole marketing chain.  Data trails are so obvious and easy to follow, interpret and to lean into, and to then extrapolate.  That is the digital side of things, then, there is the human element.  Crucially, gamers show characteristic behaviours that are similarly transparent.  They recognise value propositions, act instantly and spread the word among their hyper-connected communities.  They are demanding, they expect promises to be fulfilled, but if you deliver, they will continue to stay loyal, and remain highly valuable lifetime customers.

Melody: How does benefit gamers, why would they be interested in what the platform has to offer?

Andrew: Well, take GPU downtime utilization, for example, we have metrics that show that gamers will be able to fund their hobby using this vertical.   Roughly equivalent to an annual upgrade in value, the GPU proposition alone is a no-brainer.  And they get it.

Our network expansion plan enables new to the platform gamers to introduce others and to earn from their GPU power, too.

Our GMRX token is another way to reward gamers, by enabling them to benefit from in-game asset sales and purchases, another vertical in the Gaimin eco-culture.

As our main site states computational power is a resource that is continually being outstripped by demand.  So the scales balance perfectly commercially speaking.

Melody: How ready are you?

Andrew: We have had a loyal band of early investors, who we are certain will soon be able to see the fruits of the vision that they bought into from the outset.  We have been, to some extent, slow and steady as to how we have gone about things. Obviously you might remember that we have had to endure the Crypto winter of 2018 and the Covid-19 virus during 2020.

Our software has been tested, and continuously developed, we have walked, and we believe we are fully ready to begin jogging.  For my part, I know that we can turn the taps on and open out the offer to large numbers of gamers.  Who will earn from the outset.  We are then in a virtuous circle of being able to develop the scope and numbers based on earned revenue and a predictable income stream.  It is those numbers again- I love data!

Melody: What is going to be most relevant in the coming weeks and months?  How do you see it panning out?

Andrew: It is not a question of whether we get there, or where we get to.  We know our targets and we will meet or exceed them, we have a fantastic, experienced, relentless team.  Additional investment would help to foreshorten timescales.  It is desirable, but not essential.  Given my experience of the data which lies beneath, I am anticipating a considerable growth in our revenues, and I see no reason why savvy investors would not be intrigued.  If they need to understand the appeal for gamers, they could just ask a gamer.

That should be a light bulb moment for anyone: “would you like your GPU to help fund your gaming interest?”  It is a no-brainer right?

Melody: Sounds fascinating Andrew. I’m sure it would be interesting for our readers if you would consider coming back again in 6-12 months to give us an update.

Andrew: It would be my pleasure, especially since we expect to have over 10,000 gamers on our platform by then. Thank you for everything.

Melody: Thank you Andrew and until next time.


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Catching up with Andrew Faridani, CEO of Breezemaxweb

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