Catching up with Harry Dung, Cofounder of Infinity Capital, Vietnam “Investing and Incubating good projects”


 802 total views How is everyone doing? Did you manage to catch some of the spikes for your favourite altcoin in April? This is the start of May and in the history of crypto, May is usually a good month. We have Harry Dung from Vietnam this morning. 

Hi Harry, can you tell us more about yourself?

Harry: I have been in the Crypto market since 2016, as an investor and a researcher. After years of sticking to the Crypto market and taking positions in projects such as CMO and Strategy Head, we  (Jacky and myself) founded Infinity Capital. Can you tell us more about Infinity Capital?

Harry: Infinity Capital was established with the aim of building a strong crypto community in the Vietnam market. We share knowledge about Blockchain, incubate projects, analyze them and direct the community to the Crypto market in the right way. What kind of projects do you invest in?

Harry: Infinity Capital is currently focusing on investing and incubating various types of projects such as NFT, AMM, Privacy Dex and projects under Defi.

I can reveal the projects that we are particularly interested in are Lightening Cash, Coin98 Labs’ Defi Ecosystem, My Pet Defi, Mochi Market, N3RDStarter. This is an interesting batch of projects. How do you evaluate the projects you invest in or involve in?

Harry: Nice question. We evaluate the project based on 3 main factors: Team, Technology and Ideas. The Dev team needs leaders with long experience in the Blockchain field and Team Advisor needs to be people who have successfully built their startup before.

Technology and ideas go hand in hand, both are very important. A great technology combined with new ideas and relevant to the current market will be one of the very important factors to attract the investor community. Well said Harry. How is the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in Vietnam? What improvements should be made?

Harry: In Southeast Asia, Vietnam ranks second after the Philippines in the number of investors participating in the Cryptocurrency market. An impressive number, right?

But in Vietnam, there is a pretty big weakness that the investor community has not fully taken advantage of the benefits from Defi. And that is why Infinity Capital was established. We are here to convey the message of Defi to the entire Vietnamese community for Defi to be more applicable in the future. Name 3 tokens on CMC Top 10 that you support and why?

Harry: Personally, I am holding a lot of BNB, DOT and SOL from Q4 of 2020 until now and will continue to hold it until the end of the year.

Regarding BNB, I simply like their professionalism in their working style and their burning mechanism. About DOT, we can see that their ecosystems are getting stronger and more diverse. Many good projects are built on Polkadot such as Kylin, Acala, …

SOL is out of the top 10 on CMC but I’m still a loyal fan of the Solana ecosystem. They have a professional, hard-working team and we see more good projects emerging on their platform. That is a very good sign. Any upcoming rising star project that you want to share with us?

Harry: We are in the process of reviewing a Launchpad project with a great team and advisor from major projects. But I cannot reveal the project name here for security reasons. We will announce it on our Twitter channel shortly once the due diligence is complete. There are many IDO and pre-listed tokens on sale right now in the space. It seems as active as 2017. How do you choose to take part in those?

Harry: IDO and ICO are similar in function, but the current IDO is much safer and more reputable than the previous ICO. Their smart contracts before launch must be audited and I only choose to invest in IDO projects on famous LaunchPads such as BSCPad, KickPad, Duckstarter and Polkastarter. Our audiences want to know how can they earn from crypto?

Harry: There are many ways to make money in the Crypto market, especially in the current Bullish season. For individual investors, I recommend choosing top-quality altcoins like EOS, BNB, ETH and SOL for analysis and investment. Of course, this is not investment advice. Lastly, share with us a quote to inspire our audiences.

Harry: Sure thing, Jenny. Delighted to share.

Knowledge, hard work & relationships will be the 3 things that will help you succeed early at any age. Thanks Harry for the chat this morning again. My name is Jenny Zheng, Cofounder of signing off. You can find me on Twitter at or Asia Blockchain Community on Telegram.