Chris Vibin, Community Lead at BigONE Exchange tells us what he thinks of Crypto


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Why do they call you Vibin?

Mainly because of the energy I put out when I’m amongst communities. I always have a desire to share good energy and vibes whenever I’m around.

What do you think about crypto?

I think crypto is a great asset in the world as a whole. The power of doing peer to peer transactions without the need for a central party can really give some power back to the people.

What are you studying nowadays?

Right now studying communities, utilities, and marketing. I believe all are truly important, not a lot of projects have all 3. So how can we help bring those different projects and communities together?

What do you want to bring to crypto?

I want to bring a good vibe to the crypto space. Developers are doing their best to make it an interoperable, multi-chain world so I want to do the same for communities. Unity and helping one another is the way forward for mass adoption.

Where do you think the next trend will come from?

Good question, however, it’s a tough one at the same time. I don’t think anyone knows where the next trend will come from but Gamefi, Nfts, and Meme coins have unique ways of building strong communities. I think any of these 3 could start the next trend but strong communities can move markets.

Contact info:

Name: Chris Vibin
Twitter: @VibinCrypto
Title: Community Lead
Company: BigONE Exchange

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