Dale Song, CEO of UNIMOON Shares his crypto Insights with Blockcast.cc “The First Interoperable Social Media Protocol’


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1) Hi Dale, thank you for coming by and sharing with us about UNIMOON. Can you give an introduction of yourself and also your teammates?

Yes, I’ve been in crypto since 2014 I studied business and film at USC in Los Angeles. Saya is our om and web dev. Karl is our blockchain architect and principal of Utropic Media managing the blockchain development building our layer 1 and front end mobile apps. They have been specializing in this for 6 years. Robert is a long time friend and advisor. He has a background in launching and running a project since 2017.

2) Tell us more about UNIMOON. What is it all about? What is your mission in the crypto space?

UNIMOON is the world’s first truly decentralized social media network bridging the gap between Web2.0 and Web3.0 simplifying blockchain for everyone. UNIMOON will be a layer 1 permissioned blockchain with front end applications such as uMOON (similar to Tik Tok) and uLIVE (similar to YouTube), where users will earn $unimoon crypto rewards for doing the same things users already do on current social media platforms. This will be the key to crypto mass adoption building an ethereal native mobile app and web app that simplifies blockchain in the easiest way possible through a familiar social media UI/web2.0 functionality. Storj.io will be a key partner to complete a truly decentralized ecosystem to protect our user’s data/content stored on a decentralized cloud storage infrastructure.

Currently social media has over 4+ billion people 53.6% of the world’s population with an average daily usage of 2 hours and 25 minutes. Social media users > Banked population. UNIMOON sees the accessibility and simplicity of social media as the key to adoption. We are developing a suite of products on the network/blockchain that will allow the global population to reach a whole new level of freedom and blockchain adoption never seen before. Once our UNIMOON network is fully established users and holders within the network will have direct access to DeFi with loans and grants.

It’s about making cryptocurrency more accessible and easier for anyone. We’re about mainstream adoption.

3) Can you let us know more about your tokenomics?

TEAM 10% 200,000,000,000,000 (locked until migration to L1)
PRE-SALE 15.1% 502,000,000,000,000 (open)
DEVELOPMENT 10% 200,000,000,000,000
ECOSYSTEM 8.45% 169,000,000,000,000
TREASURY 8.45% 169,000,000,000,000
REWARD 11.3% 226,000,000,000,000
BURN 20% 400,000,000,000,000
MARKETING 11.7% 234,000,000,000,000
ENDORSEMENT 5% 100,000,000,000,000
TOTAL 100% 2,000,000,000,000,000

4) What is the experience like building your own L1 permissioned blockchain? At which stage are you at now and what do you aim to achieve in the near future?

It is exciting and a lot of work. Currently, Karl and I are still discussing the best fit for the vision, but Solana is really interesting as a highly performant blockchain. We’re at the tail end of our discovery phase and will begin development very soon. We aim to achieve a highly scalable with near 0 tx fees.

5) What is your marketing plans like for this Q4?

We will bring on YouTube influencers while growing every prominent crypto media outlet, telegram, Twitter, Reddit. But more exciting is during development we will have constant updates with our own YouTube channel (until we finish uLive).

6) Many projects neglected the need for multiple streams of income. Many only depended on the tokenomics generated revenue. What is your strategy?

We have a very specific use case, which will Decentralize Media, DeMe. There will be a lot of buy pressure on the protocol because users will have more ability and control from a network than ever before. In addition to having more ways of monetizing. But once the network really establishes there will be exponential growth on the user side because of earning crypto for already the same functions people already do on social media apps. The buying pressure comes from companies wanting to access data on the network for advertising except companies will need to advertise on the network with $unimoon.

7) I need to ask this, South East Asia where I am at now has a lot of users who are on social media. What are your plans in Asia?

We’re globally focused and excited to build multiple communities.

8) Let’s talk about listing. What should we expect next?

QuickSwap tweeted about us: https://twitter.com/QuickswapDEX/status/1435700244495454209?s=20 we’ll be listing on there

9) Tell us more about your presale.

It is in the presale stage right now 15.1% is being sold for $1m hard cap and $500k sc. It’ll be split 50% into LP 40% for development and 10% into marketing.

10) To end off this segment, we love to hear an inspiring quote from you. Please amaze us!

Live for what is worth dying for and leverage technology to create what is truly deserved in the world.


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