EOS Specialist Josep Rosich Shares His Gaming Knowledge



Blockcast.cc: Welcome everyone! My name is Jenny Zheng. Today we have a great session with one of Gaimin.io advisors from Spain, Josep Rosich, whom specializes in EOS Blockchain. “EOS is the perfect match for Gaimin.” Lets get started. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background, what is your specialty? What excites you?


Josep: Hey Jenny, thanks for your time. I love building products. Especially building games. I love seeing an idea from a one-page concept to a finalized product in the hands of the customers. And I love a great UX. Products and games must have great usability and zero fraction.


Blockcast.cc: Why Blockchain? What attracts you to blockchain?


Josep: 20 years ago I was hooked by a novel concept by WoTC when they released the D&D rules as an open-source license, so everyone in the industry was able to create new RPG games all with the same common set of rules. This allowed players to use their characters and objects on many different games. I started to dream immediately to have this on RPG video games. But then there was always the issue with security and centralisation of the database for characters and objects.

When I got into Blockchain again in 2017, I saw it finally ready for this concept. One object, one character, multiple games. And I love the idea of players actually owning their digital objects.


Blockcast.cc: How did you get in contact with Gaimin? Are you a gamer?


Josep: Yes, I am a gamer. I have been playing games and videogames all my life. I am also a person who loves writing and building worlds for adventures. I started with pen & paper RPGs and board games 30 years ago, and I have not stopped yet.

In 2011, I created my own game studio and I have produced nearly 20 games for companies in Europe and the USA that have been played by more than 35 million users around the world. I was in the game development industry for about four years and still working on games when I have some spare time.

Back in June 2018, I heard about Gaimin in an EOS Telegramchannel and I already was deeply involved in EOS blockchain back then, so I contacted the team to know more.


Blockcast.cc: I believe you do cool stuff with Nodes for Blockchain? Whare with the readers what you do, anything Gaming related?


Josep: I started with EOS in December 2017 and since then I have been joining a few blockchains based on EOS.io. Right now, my servers are producing blocks on Telos and Europechain (a European permissioned blockchain for the business that wants to target European customers) and I am also a Guild Candidate on WAX (a blockchain that targets games). I am also closely following Cocos-BCX blockchain as I have been using Cocos IDE for game development since 2016.

I am also providing API services on BOS blockchain where I still serve as Block Producer candidate. And of course, the EOS main net.

I have been exploring how to integrate EOS in a game I have been developing for a couple of years on my spare time. Unfortunately, the blockchain and the projects I am involved doesn’t allow me to work full time on my game, but hopefully, I can get back to it soon.


Blockcast.cc: What are your thoughts about EOS and what is your opinion that Gaimin is building on EOS?


Josep: In my opinion, Gaimin is targeting the right business. Gaming is the biggest use case right now for blockchain. Everyone mentions logistics, traceability and Provenance. Those are great use cases, but not for end-users. There are millions of gamers out there. There is a huge market available, and EOS is the fastest blockchain ever released. The match is clear.


Blockcast.cc: What do you think about the Gaimin platform?


Josep: I am excited to see what’s coming from the Gaimin team. I know they are passionate, and they have proved that they won’t ever stop working on the project until it succeeds.


Blockcast.cc: Thank you Josep, Is there anything you wish to add or comment?


Josep: Exciting times are ahead!


Blockcast.cc: I agree with you. Thank you for that time Josep! Your insights are very interesting and it is good to get to know more about another advisor of the team and Gaimin of course. Thank you once again!