Exclusive Blockcast.cc interview: Chris Chung “Let’s not stop now, blockchain is just beginning!”

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Blockcast.cc: Hi Chris, it is nice to meet you in Beijing in person. Thank you for taking time to speak to us. My name is Joann, I am the Editor of Blockcast.cc, a Singapore base blockchain media company. Shall we start off by telling us more about yourself?

Chris: Thanks Joann for coming by to the event venue from South Korea. My name is Chris Chung. Currently I am based in Shenzhen and I am the founder of EVO Capital, a technology and investment company.

Blockcast.cc: We came down to meet Vincent Cheung from BeFull community since we are his official media partner. It is nice to know you too. Can you tell us a bit of your education background and your work experiences?

Chris: I have a Masters in Business Administration from University degree with major in Administrative management. In 2009, I worked as an insurance salesman and purchaser of electronic products. Then moved on to LIGHTING IN BOX, a foreign trade e-commerce platform with China B2C, jointly established its Musical Instrument Industry Division in 2011. Then I moved on to participate in the management of a 160,000 square meters film and television industry park. During this period, I am exposed to investment in the film and television industry in Asia and Hollywood. This started my investing “mood”.

Blockcast.cc: Seems like you have quite an adventure. So when did you started serious investment? Share with us your journey.

Chris: That’s 2014. I began to invest and manage hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, water sports clubs and entered the stock market. Just to name some. And in 2016, private investors like myself and other investment companies such as LINK VC,TED CHAIN, DUCAPTAIL, BM CAPTAIL and other famous institutions came together to invest and incubate of blockchain projects, such as SEELE, FAIR, PRA, CTXC, HPB, SOP, RED, MOBI, IOST, LFT, ABT, ITC and so on. This is also the same time that EVO Capital was set up.

Blockcast.cc: Do you have anything to share with our readers? And what are your views of the Blockchain market?

Chris: The blockchain market is going on the right path. Investors like myself want to be take part in this historical technology moment. For example, right now I invested into the BeFull Community. This community is one is the strongest I know so far. Based on what I have observed, their daily active user rate should be more than 50,000 and over 300,000 members worldwide.  Many of my friends asked me why I invest into communities. The reason is simple, Blockchain projects need communities to support and educate the whole ecosystem.

Blockcast.cc: Can you share with us a quote? We hope to inspire our readers.

Chris: I want to encourage investors to invest even more during this low period. Do not stop. This is the best chance to get the most out of it by entering the market at the all time low.

“Let’s not stop now, blockchain is just beginning!”

Blockcast.cc: Thanks and we love your high spirits.